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1) Favorite Song?

Anna Blue's Every time the rain comes down.

2) Favorite book(s)?

Pjo/Hoo, anything related as long as its not a school assignment...

3)Last song I listened to?


5) Favorite Food?


6) Favorite Movie?

Anything marvel.

7) Favorite Color?

8) Which god/Goddess would be my parent?


9) 3 favorite ships in pji/hoo?

 Brason (just cause its funny and i can see Jason getting so annoyed by it)



10) Siblings?

1 older brother, 1 younger brother, 2 older sisters.

11) Favorite Flower?

uh.... if i had too, probably dandelions cause... Nico.

12) Hogwarts house? - Slytherin or Griffindor depending on the test i take. every now and then Ravenclaw will show up.

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... I dont know a lot of people on here....

Also guys, if you are still reading this chapter instead of skipping cause its a tag.... I am working on the next chapter but I cant seem to figure out how i want certain parts of it to go so it flows right. It'll be up soon though. Some time in the next week.

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