Chapter 7

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A whole month passed by and Aarav was now 2 months and a half old . Suman was getting herself in a new routine ,She made sure baby bottles stacked in the fridge .All the baby materials were organized in the cupboard ,towels diapers, napkins, baby shampoo ,soaps and creams . She even went shopping and bought Aarav new clothes as he was growing fast to her surprise.

She managed to bring him to work , Lisa was loosing business and needed her best worker back . Suman made sure she was well prepared with Aarav bringing his toys and baby bag .

Preeti was taking care of Aarav while Suman helped the brides try on their dress and adjusting the alternation to their preference. The clients in the boutique were awed about Aarav as he smiled and gurgled as they cooed him. Suman would take breaks in between to feed and change him . She would settle him in the back room when it was his nap time which would give her time to finish her work .

Overall Suman was managing and Lisa accommodated and adjusted her schedule. She managed to finish some work at home and send it to Preeti online. She would get called in the boutique when there was emergencies and managed to make the clients happy in the end .

Aarav enjoyed just sitting in his baby seat and watch her work , he found comfort in her presence and didn't cry unless he needed something . Suman was attached to him , she would talk to him about her problems and plans for the day . He would listen and smile at her trying to communicate in his baby language . They were both bonding in such unique way somewhere finding much needed support with each other

Suman loved to nuzzle and kiss his cheeks it would always make him gurgle happily or laugh . He knew he was being loved and cared for by his Maasi . She noticed that he loved to hold her hair and it was hard to release his grip ,she yelled a couple of times when he took her by surprise ,the only solution was that she tie her hair which she did often . Sometimes she could bring her face close to him and he would touch her face gleaming and open his mouth on her cheek as if he was trying to kiss her . This always made her heart swell warmly and whisper I love you's to him .They had a sweet relationship, she stopped reminding him that she was his aunt because definitely felt more then that a mother.

Shravan always called to check up on them, and even gave her few surprises at work ! One morning he passed by bringing her favourite espresso coffee from starbucks ,he walked in a beautiful elegant boutique with different sections of bridal dresses . He made his way in the back seeing Suman wearing her classy shorts with her floral tan top with her hair nicely up in a bun .She was draping the mannequin with material and pinning needles to the cloth. He noticed in her office there was a billboard filled with her sketches, material and numbers. It was a cute little office with stargazer flowers on the window shield and had a fresh smell like her home .

He watched silently seeing her work adoringly as she was so preoccupied. "boo!" he scared her from the back!

She turned around startled "I had a needle in my mouth I could have choked on it!"She scold cutely pocking him teasingly

"Ouch! That hurt!" He rubbed him arm from the pinching

"Well that's what you get for scaring me!" She teased back making him smile ,he was really glad to see her .

"I just came to give you your coffee before going to work "

Her eyes gleamed at him sweetly "Oh! Thank you so much Mr.Lawyer "

Shravan enjoyed coming by the boutique to see her , he was so impressed by all her work .She was really talented Suman was showing him the dress she was working on and he stayed with her for a while and played with aarav before leaving, she always enjoyed his surprise visits! It did create a lot of teasing from her co workers but they all were glad to see her happy.

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