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Chapter Seventy Three

"When are they coming?" Jonah asked Arabella as they both sat at an empty table in Harvester.

"They should be here any minute, stop being so impatient" Arabella said laughing skimming through the menu.

"Here they come" Arabella smiled hearing her best friends enter the restaurant.

"Hey guys!" Arabella said getting up, hugging each of the boys, Soph and Sian.

"Hey love" Mikey smiled.

"This is my brother, Jonah. Jonah this is, Mikey, Brooklyn, Andy, Rye, Jack, Soph, Sian and baby Evie" She said introducing her brother to everyone.

Jonah looked at jack in confusion before speaking up.

"You really remind me of someone"

"Okay?" Jack said questioning Jonah.

Arabella rolled her eyes, hitting Jonah and telling him to sit down.

"Stop it, you're acting weird" She whispered to him.

"Well he reminds me of someone" Jonah whispered back, giving jack the side eye.

After everyone had settled down, they ordered their food and drinks, and made small talk.

"So. What did you think of Blair's tweet?" Brooklyn questioned, holding Evelyn.

"Yeah, what was that all about?" Rye said wide eyed.

"He's an idiot, he's just pissy you all stuck up for yourselves" Sian said sticking up for the boys.

"Youre right, ignore it. He has the band account blocked anyways" Andy said.

"Wait, I'm so confused" Jonah said laughing. Being new to the group he wasn't up to date with all the drama.

"I told you on facetime, about their manager being a dick" Arabella said remembering the time she poured her heart to Jonah on facetime. Hence the reason he traveled to the UK.

"Oh yeah, he seems weird" Jonah said.

With saying that something in Jonah's head clicked. He knew who Jack was and it wasn't who he said.

"Daniel, that's who you are"

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