Chapter 3

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Percy was now in the form of a 11 year old. He feels really weird and everything's suddenly bigger than him. He is currently standing alone on platform 9¾. People milling about, parents wishing their children good luck for the semester while the first years mothers were checking to see if they had all the things they needed.

Percy gets his baggage to the hold and makes for the train. Hecate told him that he should befriend them but they will be known as the " golden trio " and if he's  a constant in their life he'll mess with fate. They already hate him enough, no need to egg them on further.

Percy walks through the train to search for the compartment that their going to end up sharing. Hecate gave him some insight to help kick of the mission. When he found the compartment he realises that they have just met and that they should have some time together before I walk in.

He take out Riptide and without anyone noticing turn it into a wand. More than half of it is hidden in his robes and he's holding it by the point of the wand. He twirls his hand and mutter a see-me-not charm.

Now if anyone wanted to go into that compartment they would suddenly feel the urge to look for another one. Almost like camp. After waiting until just before the train pulled of he walks into the tiny space with the three friends already hitting it off.

When he steps through the door all chatter halts. He gives a tiny wave and a nervous smile -all fake of course- ' Hi my name's Persues Jackson but you can call my Percy. You don't mind me sitting with you? I can't find a place to sit and the train's almost starting to take off.'

As if to prove his point, the train suddenly lurches forward. Hermione and Harry smile and wave while Ron gives a slight frown, but gets over it and waves. Percy just now realized how cute Hermione looked. But not the baby cute, like the is-going-to-turn-beautiful kind of cute.

He shakes his head to clear out that thought. He's not here to look at girls he has a job to do.

Hermione was the one to answer ' Hi there Percy, shure you can sit with us. All of us just met anyways. Right guys?' she turns to look at the boys across from her. They both nod quickly. Hermione gives a sweet smile and turn back to percy.

Taking this as an invitation he sits next to her. She may not show it on the outside but on the inside she was blushing mad, not realizing that the only spot left was next to her.

The train ride was long and Percy's ADHD was acting up. He was fiddling with his pen and tapping his foot. Hermione looked over to him while Harry and Ron kept on talking.

' Percy, is something the matter?' her tone was slightly worried. He looked at her with a mischievous grin ' No worries, it's just my ADHD starting to act up because of the long train ride. It'll get better once we stop.'

She gave him a nod of acceptance and left it at that. Few hours later they arrived at the train stop in Hogsmead. All the students got off and headed for the thestral carriages, while the first years were herded forward by Hagrid.

'Oi, all the first yers follow me. Don't fall behind.' After seeing that everyone was there, Hagrid walked to the lake where the boats was waiting for the nervous first years. Well everyone except Percy that is, but on the outside he still showd a hint of nervousness.

'No more than 3 on a boat!' Hagrid yelled from the front of the group, getting into a boat all by himself. Hermione turned to Percy to ask what they were going to do, but he interrupted before she could speak.

' Don't worry Hermione it's just a boat trip I'll see you on the other side?' he gave her a little smirk. She nodded and climbed onto the boat with this boy named Neville and a girl named Luna.

When they pulled away Percy teetered over the edge to see if he could see any of the inhabitants that his senses were telling him there was. A mermaid waved at him and he waved back. Neville leaned over too, to see what he was waving at when he lost his balance and fell into the lake.

All the boats that were near enough were screaming. Percy sighed, this was going to be a long 7 years. He quickly took of his robes and dived into the water. His eyes already adjusted to see clearly he realised that the mermaid from before were holding Neville in her arms out to him. Percy quickly made an air bubble around his head so that Neville could breath. He turned back to the mermaid and what he saw shocked him.

Behind the mermaid were about 20 to 30 more mere people. And all of them were bowing. He was starting to feel uncomfortable when they all stood up straight but didn't swim away. Then the mermaid in front talked in his mind.

My Lord, we did not expect your arrival. We will be better prepared in the future. My apologies my Lord. We await your punishment.

Percy was dumbfounded why would they think they deserved punishment? Wait what? Why would you need punishment? I know that the sea rebels against Poseidon, but I thought that the creatures in it will still be his to control. Also none of that my Lord business, Percy will do.

My- Percy sorry. No we follow the ocean and the ocean follows you therefore you are our true ruler.

Very well then. Thank you for saving the boy. I'll come and visit you sometime. Maybe there's still some things that you could teach me.

Thank you Percy. We will help you anyway we can.

And with that he shot back towards the boat with Neville in his arms. He shot out of the water and landed in the boat on his feet, nearly giving Luna a heart attack. She looked towards them in shock. Percy quickly pulled out his wand and did a drying of spell on him and Neville.

Everyone had gone quiet, but Hagrid broke the silence ' Young man, how did you stay so long underwater and came out like a flying man?' Percy shrugged and replied that the mermaids helped them. Hagrid was even more shocked because normale the would take a bite and swim away.

Percy gave Hagrid a look ' We should get going, Hagrid. Otherwise we'll be late.' With that said they continued to the cave entrance, but a certain brunette wasn't fooled by the act.


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