Chapter 47 | Blue Gem Down

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Vrängr continued fighting Marque. He had regained control of the battle after Marque threw him down and began to throw punches for around ten minutes straight. After he regained control, the elf shifted the battle onto the brown dragon so Braunick could continue with his plan for Agent 34, but it didn't seem to be going so well, seeing that Agent 34 was nowhere to be seen anymore.

However, Vrängr decided to continue with the next part of the plan as Braunick landed on the dragon with them. "What's up, Marque?" Braunick asked, a mean smile appearing.

Braunick launched at Marque, Vrängr backing away to get a short breath. After regaining his strength, he closed his eyes and entered Marque's mind while Braunick held him off.

Loads of memories cluttered his brain, many of which were his family. He saw images of a burning village and saw a small Marque crying in front of it. Someone walked up to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "You were the only survivor of your family," the man stated to the child. "They are gone,"

Tears blurred Marque's vision as he ran, until he saw a sign that said very few words but was a shock to Vrängr: Now leaving Telion City.

Telion City.

That was the city Vrängr had grown up in, the city Braunick found him in. He then recalled his own memories of the city:

It was a normal day, until a spark started a flame to a building. It was only that building, but soon every single one of them began going up in flames. Me and my family were in the living room when the front and back doors lit up in flames. The only exits to our house.

My mom carried me and my sister up stairs as the flames spread rapidly fast. She tripped over the last step and dropped us both and the flames engulfed her. Before she died, she looked at me straight in the eyes and said three words I will never forget: "Do great things."

Me and my sister ran to my bedroom and began to climb out the window. Once there, I quickly climbed out and landed on the grass with a thud, and ran for the nearest exit to the city. I don't know if my sister made it out alive. I didn't look back to check, and I didn't see her after I made it to safety.

As I stood at the boundaries of the city, I saw the village engulfed in flames. I sat down on the grass and waited. I thought my mom and sister would come walking out of the flames towards me, everything being okay, but it didn't.

The only thing that came walking towards me, was a teenage human dressed in full black with a long cape. He picked up the ten-year old me and took me back to his castle in what he called was the new capital, Urania. He said it would replace the old capital, which now looked like a black smudge on the continent.

That man was Braunick.

Vrängr had always suspected that burning was not an accident like everyone said, but there was no proof otherwise. Braunick had raised him that day forwards, to destroy anything in his path. To be a killer, and defend what was right. He was taught that Braunick was always right, and everything he did had a purpose. Vrängr was taught to keep your enemies beside you and destroy them when they aren't looking. That was when Vrängr decided to be one of the Zena's spies.

He worked as the leader for the Zena's other spies and organized everything. He reported back to Braunick weekly and told them everything. He fought beside the Zena in battle, trying to not kill Braunick's men and often "accidentally" killed members of the Zena when no one watched.

Vrängr then snapped back to reality. He stopped recalling his past events and focused on what was about to happen. The elf smiled as he saw the giant blue swirling mass near the middle of Marque's mind. He went to it, and began the curse removing process.

"Yes!" Braunick said outside of Marque's mind. Marque's body froze stiff as a blue gem popped out of him through his mouth and he fell to his knees, shaking slightly. The blue swirling mass in his mind disappeared with a pop, and Vrängr sighed as he left his mind and returned back to real life.

"Good job, Vrängr," Braunick congratulated him, crushing Marque's gem within his hand. He absorbed the powers as Marque sat shaking on the ground. "Now I need your gem,"

Vrängr nodded as he did the gem removal himself. In a minute, a yellow gem sat in his hand. He handed it to Braunick, who crushed it instantly. "Thank you, Vrängr,"

The king flew up and over to Scar, where he prepared to steal Arenia's gem.

"You...dirty..." Marque picked himself off the scales of Paöminar, shaking less. "Rat!" He shouted, running at Vrängr with full speed. Marque grabbed his neck and squeezed as tightly as he could. His strength failed him when Vrängr threw a punch to his gut with full force. Marque fell backwards and landed on his back, breathing heavily.

"I could kill you right now," Vrängr said.

"I always knew rats were stupid," Marque said with a weak voice. "Open your eyes. Braunick doesn't need you. He just stole your gem and all you got out of it was a simple 'thank you'. He's gonna abandon you as soon as he gets every gem, and you know it. He isn't making a better Renya, he's becoming supreme leader of Renya,"

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