Chapter 46 | Above the Cloud

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Agent 34 was dropped onto Venon's back, breathing heavily. He looked up at Braunick with confusion and sleepiness. "Amuse me," Braunick said. "Prove you are really my brother,"

Agent 34 slowly picked himself up, knees shaking slightly. He picked up his sword, arm shaking from the weight of the blade.

Agent 34 launched at his brother. Before Braunick could back away, Agent 34 brought the blade down on his uncovered arm. The sword buried itself inside his arm, Braunick wincing in pain. Blood oozed out of the cut as Agent 34 removed his blade, his brother floating dumbfounded in front of him.

"You..." Braunick looked at the cut and back at Agent 34. "got me," He frowned as he raised his metal hand and threw it straight at Agent 34. 34 ducked and dodged it, the fist flying over his head. He backed up and Braunick's other fist flew straight in front of his stomach. Braunick continued to get closer and continue to throw punches. Agent 34 dodged every single one of them, backing away as he got closer.

Suddenly, Braunick raised his normal fist and was about to bring it down on his brother, when Agent 34 raised his sword. He threw it down on Braunick's arm once again, creating another cut. Braunick screamed when Agent 34 got a hit on him, and quickly flew backwards into the air. 

"That's it!" He screamed. He raised his arms into the air the storm began to grow even faster. It was approaching the Zena with tremendous speed, raining as it did.

"Venon!" Agent 34 called. "I need up to that storm, and I need up now!" Venon looked up and saw the storm closing in even faster than it was. He nodded and rammed into the two dragons who were attacking him, and noticed Marque and Arenia had shifted over to those two dragons to fight their opponents.

Venon shot upwards, Braunick and the dragons following. Agent 34 gripped a spike on the dragon's back and held on as tight as he could as the dragon raced against the storm. The black clouds began to cover the sky alarmingly fast, the sun soon getting blocked.

"We aren't gonna make it!" Agent 34 cried, looking down on Thorn, Paöminar, and Braunick, all of which were chasing them.

"I'm not gonna make it," Venon said, coming to a stop. "but you are!" The dragon soon steadied himself out and threw his back up high and lowered his neck and head. Agent 34 slid down to the dragon's head, and was suddenly thrown upwards into the air. Venon had thrown him into the air.

He flew above the storm, and saw sunlight. Actual sunlight. The clouds closed over Renya below him, and he fell back down. He prayed that the clouds would catch him, and he closed his eyes. Once he opened them, he was on top of the storm. 

It was way calmer up here. He was the only person up here, obviously. Agent 34 was surprised he wasn't turned evil by coming in contact with the cloud, but that might be because he was covered head-to-toe to avoid being turned.

He stood up, and began to slowly walked along the black cloud. It was flat on the top, and he couldn't see the end of the storm. However, now that he was here, he had no idea what to do. There was no core or anything up here except a cloud that went on for miles.

~ ~ ~

Venon smiled as he watched the storm close under Agent 34. He had did it. He got Agent 34 above the cloud. Now, all that was left to do was wait for him to destroy the storm.

He saw Braunick laughing to his left. "Fool! There is nothing up there, and you just trapped Agent 34 up there! If he breaks through the cloud at all, pure evil will seep through it and he will be turned!"

Braunick did a little dance as he floated in the air, singing a little jingle to himself in victory.

Lightning struck beside Venon, and Braunick laughed even harder. The dragon's face went cold  as he began to fly east. Braunick ordered his two dragons to take after him, Braunick hitching a ride on Paöminar on the way.

Venon flew as fast as he could, fear powering his veins. The storm was going to begin raining any minute, and the dragon already knew his fate. His wings were uncovered. He had to get above that storm in time and save Agent 34.

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