Divergent high (A Fourtris story)

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Tris p.o.v.




Today is my first day at my new school. I lived on the rich side of town with my mom dad,and brother in Chicago we moved from Hollywood. My mom is a fashion designer and my dad is an award winning author. I had another dream about my best friend Toby he left after he said that he loved me. I can't help but fell like he lied to me he said It and left me I was crying for 4 weeks ( see what I did there). I didn't get to tell him I loved him too. I hoped that he could come back but not. Its been 6 years I have not forgiven him yet. I get dressed in a light blue strapless dress the color of his eyes. I put on the locket he gave me. My brother is in college but he lives with us and he is over protected of me and guys. The last time I had a boyfriend he broke my heart he cheated on me with my best friend. I get in my lime green mustang and head to school. I arrive at school and hear boys whistle at me. I go to the front office and say " My name is Beatrice prior and I'm hear to get my schedule"."Yes here u go" I was looking at my schedule and

Locker 6-combination 4-6-10

Homeroom- Veronica Roth

Art- Tori Wu

Health-Kyle Masterson

Music-Mrs Hanks



Language Arts- Veronica Ruth

Free period

Being the clumsy person that I am I bump into a mocha colored girl."I'm so sorry I'm so clumsy.""Its OK I'm Christina your new right can I see your schedule and I love that dress." Woa she can talk a lot."Yes I'm new my names Tris and yes,here you go ,and thanks my mom made it." "Eeeek we have all the same classes come were locker buddies meet my friends." I follow her to to our lockers and she introduces me to her friends. "Guys this is tris,tris this is Zeke,Uriah, Marlene,Shauna, Lynn,Lauren and Four". He looks like someone that I never wanted to see again ......

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