Chapter 30

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*Mature content ahead*

Dominic and I worked our way to the mattress, clothes discarding from our bodies like leaves dropping from trees at the break of autumn.

In no time, I was left in mere stitches of clothing, my bra and barely there thong the only thing remaining. Dominic though had only taken off his work shirt, leaving him still clad in tight, black undershirt and full on police uniform from the waist down.

A squeal tore past my lips as Dominic quite suddenly pushed me backwards, my body falling and bouncing against the soft mattress that cushioned my fall.

Rose petals floated up and back down around me with the force of my fall onto the bed, a candle off to the side catching my eye as it too fell.

"Oh shit, the candle." I went to reach out to pick up the candle before it could set fire to his new place when Dominic's amused voice stopped my hand in midair.

"It's fake. They're all fake." He chuckled. "Do you really think I would leave open flames unattended in my brand new home?"

Connecting my stare to his, I smiled. "Smart man."

"I try my best."

"Well, if you're so smart then A, why are you standing all the way over there and B, why are you still wearing pants?" I quirked a teasing eyebrow up at him.

"Well," he began, reaching for his utility belt. "You told me not to be gentle and if I remember correctly, you told me once you'd always wanted to try these out, right?"

The silver flash of the handcuffs bounced off the flames of the candles and struck a bolt of unfiltered excitement straight through my body. They dangled in his fingers like a prized treat, taunting me with the deviant pleasures that were just out of reach.

"Oh hell yes."

My eyes jumped from the handcuffs to Dominic's deeply carnal stare as he spoke. "Do you want to play?"


He paused, cocking his head to the side. "Yes, what?"

The side of my lips ticked up in delight as I realized what he wanted.

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Now, turn around."

I flipped over onto my stomach so fast you would have thought my life depended on it. All of my senses were hyper-aware now that Dominic wasn't in my immediate line of sight. My hearing zeroed in behind me as I heard the jingle of the cuffs, followed shortly after by the bed moving beneath me as Dominic approached from behind.

My heart thrummed rhythmically inside my chest as the anticipation grew greater and greater as the seconds passed in total silence.

A grateful rush of air pushed through my lungs, my head dipping back as his lips found my ear in an instant, his breath, hot and arousing washing across my neck as he spoke.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this to you. Every time you'd tease me," The cold of the handcuffs clasped and clicked into place around one of my wrists. "Every time you'd flirt with me, knowing there was nothing I could do about it." Then the other wrist.

"Except now," his calloused hands ran down the length of my confined arms until they found my waist. "I can do whatever I want to you for however long I want to, however soft or however rough I want to be, however slow or however fast I want to go."

Dominic's hands tightened around my waist, gripping my body as he turned me over onto my back. Our gazes fell together immediately, heat rising between us both as he lowered his face to mine, his soft lips brushing against my own.

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