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Six months. That's how long Axel and Phoenix have been in the wind. It's like they've fallen off the face of the Earth. I know I probably shouldn't worry too much. Nothing bad could happen to them, with powers like ours if anyone tried to harm any of us, they'd get hurt far worse than we would.

For six months, I've been balancing a relationship and trying to find my two eldest siblings. So far, nothing, not even a whisper about their location. Hunter hasn't found anything either. But, that still hasn't stopped me from trying to find them.

"(Y/n), what's your location?" I heard Tim ask over my comm

"Did you really just figure out I wasn't home?" I asked dodging a lowlifes punch.

"That's not the point. Where are you?" He questioned again

"Trying to get some answers as to where my siblings are," I told him kicking the lowlife in the gut.

"Without back up?"

"I can handle myself just fine Red," I said letting out a quick canary cry.

"From I can hear, yeah,"

"I'll see you when I get back home," I said walking over to the guy who was clutching his ears in a fetal position

"Alright. I love you."

"I love you too," I turned my comm off and kneeled down next to the guy, "Alright, I'm going to ask nicely, where are Axel and Phoenix Richardson?" I asked

"Piss off," He said

I looked up at the New York sky, "you just making this harder than it has to be," I sighed and looked back at the guy, "Where are Axel and Phoenix Richardson." I inquired using my powers this time

"No one knows. They haven't contacted any of us." He said

"How long have they been off the grid?" I asked

"Four months." He said

"What was their last communication?"

"Something about all of us to watch out for some guy. No name was given to us. All I heard was music."


"If anyone asked, I never found you." I stood up and grappled up to the nearest rooftop.


I climbed down the fire escape and opened the window of my brother's apartment. I slipped in and closed the window, "Hunter, Vinny." I called out

"Kitchen." I heard my brothers boyfriend respond.

I walked into the kitchen and saw Vinny making something, "Where's Hunter?" I asked

"Shower." He simply told me

"Guess I'll wait." I said hopping onto the counter

"Did you get any information?" Vinny asked.

"Not much." I told him

Hunter and I have been looking for Phoneix and Axel for awhile and tell each other when we've got something. Vinny's been helping out too. He's been really supportive of the whole meta thing and looking for the two of them.

"Hey (Y/n/n)." Hunter said walking out of his room as he pulled his T-shirt down

"Hey." I said

"What you find?" He asked walking over to the kitchen

"Tracked down a thug that helped Axel and Phoenix in Gotham. He said they went off the radar four months ago." I told him

"We haven't heard from the for six months."

"Yeah. But before they went off radar, the warned their gang or whatever to watch out for someone. The gut I found said he heard the word music."

"Isn't music apart of your guys powers?" Vinny input

"Kind of. Certain songs, like Ballroom Blitz, we can use to control people. The four of us are naturally gifted singers." Hunter said

"So what does that mean? Music?" I questioned "is it possible that there's and uncle or aunt or cousin of our out there?"

"I don't know. Mom and dad never mentioned anything about other family, not to me anyways. Maybe to Axel or Phoenix." Hunter shrugged

"Well let me know if you find anything. I gotta get home." I hopped off the counter and walked to the window I came in from.

"Are you ever going to use the front door?" Vinny asked

"No." Hunter and I both said and went out the window and went up to the roof before quickly grappling off to the pent house where Tim and I lived.
Hey guys! So I made the sequel and I hope you enjoy it. I'll try and update as much as possible bc my sophomore year has been a bit easy and I'm in my 4th quarter so I'm almost done.

Also, I'm posting this on my 16th birthday (4/20/18). Enjoy!

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