Whoopsie daisy, part 14

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\\I've made up a character from Jacs past called Kayden. He was in her care home and he used to beat her up. Thought it would make the fanfic more exciting//
Fletchs pov:
Jac looked at Petrenko, her hand still in mine.
"Petrenko." Jac sighed, squeezing my hand.
Petrenko scoffed, gazing at our hands. She said nothing, and walked away to see to a patient. At that moment, I tighten my grip on Jacs hand and pull her closer.
Kayden. A boy from Jacs children's home. I'd seen him in here before, and he's always made her anxious.
Kayden was limping.
"Naylor. Fix me up."He sneered, gesturing to the stab wound in his leg.
Jac gulped and let go of my hand.
"Essie, please find him a bed." Jac said quietly.
Kaydens face creased Into an evil smirk as Essie escorted him to his bed.
Do squeezed Jacs shoulder and went back to work, smiling sympathetically at me.
Jac stormed to her office, as I followed. I shut the door behind us as Jac punched her desk in rage.
I walked over to her and rubbed up and down her arms.
"It's okay,beautiful."I said, kissing her temple.
She smiled up at me, smirking.
"Mr Fletcher" she smiled, breaking away from my touch and walking to her office door. She locked it.
"Miss Naylor?" I smirked, walking over to her and capturing her soft lips in a lingering kiss. She deepened it, wrapping her arms around her neck. I placed one hand on her petite waist and one stroking her hair.
Jac snaked her hands up my shirt cheekily, caressing my back.
Suddenly, she broke the kiss.
I whimpered.
"Later." She smirked and unlocked her office door, pecking my lips.
I smirked, rolling my eyes down at her.
"Get a man excited." I laughed.
Jac smiled cheekily and opened her office door.
"Later, mr Fletcher" she smirked and went back to work.
I smiled. Later, I thought.


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