Chapter-40 "Shook"

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What I saw was next to horrifying.
So many, so many bodies lay there.

Dead bodies.

My whole body was shaking out of utter fear.

I ran as fast as I could I was scared and disgusted.

Did George killed them all?

Yes.. Who else would come in the middle of the forest and kill so many people.

I ran aimlessly hoping that I'll soon be out of the forest but I was just going deeper and deeper in the forest.

I didn't knew where I was, nor I knew where I will go but at that time my prime concern was to get away from the bodies as fast as possible.


It had been days since I've been living like this.

Running hunting killing.

I was walking aimlessly, and to my surprise I saw some light . I followed the light as fast as I could as I didn't had the energy to run .

The light led me to the end of the forest.

I couldn't believe that I was no more in the dark woods. Tears of joy started pouring down my eyes.

I took a deep breath of relief. and searched for some water and to my surprise I found a lake. It was quite and peaceful.
Luckily I found a pair of cargo pants and a t-shirt in george's duffel bag.

Once I was sure that no one was there I took off my clothes and dived right in the lake.

It was cool and comforting. I felt relaxed and all the stress went away.

After a while of laying there in peace I got up and changed.

I tried my best to wash the dirt off my hair.

I was tired as hell from all the running I had been doing for the past few days.

So I laid under a tree and dozed off.


After an hour or two I woke up from my deep slumber and saw a pair of eyes staring at my face.

I screamed and tried to stand up but failed miserably and fell down flat.

I tried to get up once again, successfully this time and saw George.

He was angry, I could tell it by his face. But he maintained his composure and waited for me to start the conversation.

But I wasn't in a mood to argue with him, After such a relaxing nap I didn't wanted to ruin my mood, so I turned and picked up the bag and started leaving.

Suddenly he said "What do you think you're doing princess?"

His tone laced with frustration and anger. I turned towards him and replied sarcastically
"Maintaining my own business, something you should try to do too"

He let out a sigh and said
"where are you going, we are  supposed to find Jaques and king asap"

"well I'm going... Somewhere" I Replied

"I don't freaking care where you're going. Right now all I care about is to get you Jaques and the king safely back to palace" he said

I thought that le.. The pure bloods destroyed our palace"
I asked in confusion

" Surprisingly they didn't after they took you Jaques and king with them they didn't even bother coming back"
He replied

I knew why they didn't destroyed the palace they just needed me to protect leo from danger. They didn't wanted our kingdom.

I nodded and replied
"ok.. Anyways I don't care, you can go and save jaques and father I have some other important stuff to do"

He stared at me and shouted

"What can be more important than your father lisa?"

Finally I told him
"I'm going back to the Palace, the pure blood's palace"

He was looking shocked
He questioned me "And why would you do that?"

"They're in trouble and I need to help them. After all I'm Leo's wife"

He looked at me with utter disbelief and said "So you're saying that you're choosing those traitors rather than your very own father?"

I couldn't face him and replied "It's not like that"

He then said in a low and disappointed voice
"Lisa, you're capable of making your own choices you can do whatever you feel like I will take you back to the pure blood's palace "

I smiled and was about to say thanks when George said

"But if you choose them over us, there will be no place for you back in the royal family. You'll be no longer considered the heiress of the crown. You'll be disowned"


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