Minheon 1

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(Jooheon and Minhyuk are quite possibly one of my main OTP's and I can't find any fanfiction for them on Wattpad so I'm mad. Anyway, enjoy!)


"Jooheon, wake up," Minhyuk whispered into the older boys ear and he softly poked his cheek. Jooheon didn't respond so Minhyuk decided it was best to practically climb on top of him and start shaking his shoulders. "Jooheon," he smiled, speaking with a sweet voice.

"What?" Jooheon mumbled as his eyes slowly peeled open. As soon as his eyes adjusted he realised it was still pitch black and he groaned in frustration before pushing Minhyuk off him, "why did you wake me up?" He questioned as Minhyuk fell to the space beside him and Jooheon turned his back on him.

"Please come with me!" Minhyuk begged as he climbed off the bed and rushed over to sit on the floor, in front of where Jooheon was facing.

"Where?" Jooheon sighed, realising he wouldn't be left alone until he did, "and what time is it?"

"Uh, I don't know, around 3am," Minhyuk shrugged, "and I want you to come with me to get cereal."

"You woke me up at 3am so you could eat cereal?" Jooheon raised an eyebrow and Minhyuk shook his head.

"No, we don't have any cereal. I want you to come to the supermarket with me," Minhyuk explained and Jooheon stared at him with an unreadable look on his face. "It's only a five minute walk!"

"Why do you need cereal so bad at this time?" Jooheon frowned.

"I just really want some!" Minhyuk said, "but I can go alone if you don't want to come."

"No way am I letting you go alone," Jooheon shook his head, "this is stupid but fine, I'll come."

"Thank you, Jooheon!" Minhyuk happily clapped his hands together.

"You're welcome, idiot. Now leave so I can get dressed," Jooheon ordered.


"You're too energetic for 3am," Jooheon stated as Minhyuk happily skipped beside him and they walked down the sidewalk to their closest supermarket that was open 24/7, "why are you even awake?"

"I don't know," Minhyuk shrugged before grabbing Jooheon's hand and pulling him along, "you're so slow."

"I only woke up ten minutes ago and it's 3am so I think it's pretty understandable," Jooheon rolled his eyes.

"Hey, look! The supermarket is right there!" Minhyuk pointed to a large building that was only a few minutes away, "come on!" Minhyuk started to powerwalk, still holding onto Jooheon's hand. Jooheon sighed before starting to also walk quickly. They finally reached the supermarket and Minhyuk grabbed a basket from by the door.

"Why do you need that? I thought you only wanted cereal?" Jooheon inquired.

"I never said just cereal," Minhyuk stated before making his way over to the section with the DVD's.

"You're getting a DVD?" Jooheon asked.

"Yes, as I can't sleep I want something to do!" Minhyuk stated and Jooheon nodded, "you could watch it with me but you'll probably just go back to sleep," Minhyuk said and Jooheon could swear he heard a hint of sadness in Minhyuk's voice.

"I'll watch it with you," Jooheon decided and Minhyuk's face lit up with a bright smile, "but only if you pick a good film."

"Ok," Minhyuk nodded before starting to look for a DVD that both of them would find entertaining. "Thor?" Minhyuk asked the younger, picking it up and showing it to him.

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