Who Am I?

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Authors Note:
This is my first fanfiction so try not to judge me too badly.
I don't own any of the characters in this story. DC does. Sadness.
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Chapter 1: Who Am I?

My name is Dick Grayson and I saw my parents murdered at the ripe age of 8. They were killed by Tony Zucco during our first performance in Gotham City. I use to be a circus acrobat. One of the best with my parents but they were killed and my great uncle took me in.

Now I am suppose to be training to be a talon. An assassin for the Court of Owls. They think I have a large amount of potential but I don't think so. I don't want to hurt anyone. No one should go through the pain I went through.

But they are persistent and want me to replace my great uncle when the time comes. He told me that if I say no again I won't like the consequences but I'm not going to change my mind. It's wrong to kill and my p- they won't want me to.

One Week Later

I told them no and my uncle was right. I don't like the consequences. They hurt me and tell me I am nothing unless I become a talon. I keep resisting them but it's so hard. I have nightmares at night about my parents and what they do to me here. No one loves me anymore and I'm scared. I want to go home. Someone please, save me.

One Month Later

I am only me at night now. The Court control me during the day and let me be myself when I'm locked away in my "room". More like a cell in my opinion.

No one has come to save me but Tony Zucco was put in jail last week. Batman caught him. I like Batman, not only because he caught my parents murderer, but also what he does for Gotham. He's a hero, like Superman.

The Court doesn't like Batman though. They said he's a problem that will soon be dealt with and then they looked at me. I don't like the look I got. It gives me a bad feeling.

The Court also said that I will soon be a full talon, once I finish my training in a month. I don't want to but they torture me every morning and control me all day so I can't stop them even though I try really hard.

I wish they would stop but they won't and I can't force them. I'm too weak compared to all of the talons.

I just want to leave.

Five Years Later

I am Dick Grayson and I am a Talon aka Shadow. The Court controls me on missions and during training, then release me when I have done their deeds.

I don't like it but they say I am one of the best even though I'm only 13. Everything I do, the people I hurt and kill, I see it and I can't stop it. I am still too weak minded. Well, that's what my uncle tells me.

Today I was given an order to carry out tomorrow night. This is one kill I am especially not looking forward even more so than the others.

My orders are to kill Batman.

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