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Pwease forgive me *puppy dog eyes* I pwomise to update more I'll try *begs you putting face to the ground* my life is insane at the moment *sigh dramatically* anyways I hope this update makes it up??


I pushed Tami towards the awaiting car. My mother sat in the front seat, talking to someone on the phone. I smiled slightly when our eyes caught and she gave me a sympathetic smile before hanging up the phone.

"Hey Tami, you ready to head out?" She asked, opening the back of the car.

"Sure." Tami mutters causing my heart to beat and not in a good way. She's still mad from before. I just wish the clock ticks faster and Tami regains memories again. I don't want to keep chasing after them over a long period of time. It'll hurt to much as much as a bullet goes through my heart. Sighing softly I push Tami's wheelchair towards the car and my mother helps her up into the seat.

Biting my lip I watch as her legs began to shake. Before they could collapse on her, Tami regains her footing and sat down.

I told up the wheelchair and pop it in the back of the car and heading to the front of the car, buckling in. In the mirror I watch as Tami looks out the window, a distant look in her eyes. Tears glistening in the corner of her chocolate brown eyes. I thumbled with my hands and turned around to talk to her but no words left my voice box. Those beautiful brown eyes turned towards me, however they darkened with anger and she turned back towards the window. I bit my lip and slumped back into my chair. She hates me. She truly hates me and that, that really hurts.

Mum turned up the radio and I leaned my head on the window closing my eyes listening to the music.

I try everything....
To fix things.

I bop my head to the music softly and clench my fists. I became soft for her. I fell in love with her.

Even when I set myself on fire...

I wish. Maybe if I do, I'll feel like someone might miss me. Tami... would she miss me? But she hates me.

"We're here." My mother's soft tone woke me from my thoughts and I got out, staring at the white small cottage.

I walked around the car and got out Tami's wheelchair and rolled it towards her door and mum helped her into it.
"That's it, nice and slow." Tami was in the seat and mum smiles and pushed her towards the front door. "We have a spare room all set up for you. I hope you like it." Tami nodded and looked around and squinted at the stairs.

I wonder what's she thinking. "Can I take a shower?" She asked and starts getting up from her wheelchair. I panic and run to her.

"Careful your legs are still weak from the reck." I was about to take her hand to help her but she slapped it away.

"I'm fine." I clutch my hand to my chest and watch her walk to the spare bedroom her legs wobbling. When she slammed the door shut I kicked the wall.

"Honey..." I ignored my mother and grabbed my hoodie and skateboard and stepped outside. I can't take it. Her hating me. Her eyes filled with such rage for me! Me! Ugh!

"Fuck you to!" I yelled and stepped off my board and walked toward what looks like a swing.

"Maybe later?!" I paused and turned around to find the foreign voice. I raise a brow and found a brunette girl, a smirk wavering on her face.

"Who are you?" I ask, sitting on a swing.

"Hayden. Nice to me you." She held out a hand, indicating to shake it. I shake it.

"Wynter." She chuckles.

"What kind of name is that?" I scowl.

"My mother picked that, don't disrespect my mother."

"Woah," she held up her hands in defense, chuckling. "Sorry." Hayden sat beside me on the other swing. "So what brings you here shouting?"

"What brings you here?" I question back. She laughs and swings back and forth slowly.

"Just walking around until I hear you." I look down towards the ground and kick the gravel. "You wanna talk about what's bothering you?"

"It's nothing."

"Sure isn't if your biting yout lip and staring at the ground like you want to cry." I sigh. She was right.

"My girlfriend lost all her memories and all she remembers is the bad ones." I grip the chains of the swing.

"I'm sorry to hear that. So my guess is that she hates you? I'm only guessing by the look on your face." I nod not facing her. I hear her release a sigh and her standing up. "You know what to do Wynter." I look up at her.

"What?" She smirks.

"You know how to make her feel happy. Relive those memories, show her how different you have changed and maybe she will regain her memories." She started to walk away. "Well see you round." I watch her go, her words pondering on my mind now.

What if she's right? What if Tami does regain those memories? I might get to see a happy Tami again. My smile appears on my lips and I jump up. That's it! I'll get my Tami back! I'll make her feel happy again and tomorrow I'll make her trust me. I ran back home with my skateboard, my eyes wide with excitement. The thought of seeing Tami smile and that hate turn towards happiness is the best thing. If I ever see Hayden again, I'm going to thank her. She changed my view and turned it to a new beginning. Tami may have of lost her memories but I haven't.

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