chapter 10

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Rosie pov:-

He pushed me inside the room and locked the door from outside trapping me inside, I banged on the door and screamed to let me out but it was futile, I sobbed loudly falling on my knees. I bought my knees to my chest and wrapped my hands around. I don't how much long I cried soon I started feeling dizzy and I gave in feeling exhausted to fight to stay conscious.


The rays of the sun woke me up from my slumber, I tired to sit up but I failed miserably before I could fall back, a pair of strong hands wrapped themselves around me. I turned to see it was my husband holding me.

"Don't touch me", I tried pushing his hands off me but he took hold on my hands and pushed me back on the bed and hovered above me, my hands in his hold, held above my head. I trashed underneath but he leaned his body weight on me trapping me under him.

"Stop, stop this childish act this instant", he growled in a angry tone, his eyes again turning golden but I didn't care about his wolf coming out.

"No, I will not, let me go", I wiggled my hands to get free from his.

"No, not to you till you stop acting like a brat and listen to me", he snapped at me putting more pressure on my wrist strong enough to leave bruises.
I opened my open mouth to say something but he covered my mouth stopping my words.

"They are not your parents but witches in disguise, they came to kidnap you in the form of your parents, they sneaked into the palace when I was in the meeting with the human king and queen"

"How do you know that they were witches not my parents", I questioned him angrily.

"Because your parents were in the meeting room with us, they have been recruited as one of the nobles in the human kingdom, so they no need to sneak in like that but the witches were dumb enough to not to know that", he leaned in and rested his head on my chest and inhaled my scent, I shudder at the sudden contact.

"How did you find them", he released my hands from his grip and wrapped his arms around me pressing his head more in too my chest. He sighed before continuing.

"I got a message from the guards saying that two people were caught trying to sneak inside the chambers saying that they were your parents but your parents were sitting right before me, so I ordered them to arrest, but before we could, you interrupted and they saw it as a way and started acting and you my little innocent and navie wife believed the act", he chuckled at the last sentence which bought unwanted tingling sensation, I blushed at the embarrassment, I mentally face palmed at the drama I did yesterday, all the crying was for nothing.

"Wait, so that means my parents are here", I asked him with excitement building in me, he didn't answer but just nodded his head. I tried pushing him off me but like always it was futile. I sighed as I gave up it was for no use, we stayed in the same position for few minutes.

"Can I see my parents?", I questioned him but no answer came so I looked at his face to see he has fallen asleep on my chest, he looked peaceful, just like a baby, I let my fingers trail on his face, my other hand was in his dark hair softly ruffling, his hair was softer than mine. He may not be the best husband but he is at his best. Even all his cruel decision were for my good, his doing were wrong but the reason behind it was right. Slowly I was starting to accept him as my husband, as my other half, at the same time I felt scared of accepting him very soon. They was many barrier between us, the biggest one was he is a werewolf and I'm a human being without any powers.

I don't know for how much longer I kept thinking of all kinds of problem but at last the answer was same I'm his wife and he is my husband and one day we will be one and happy and I will wait for that one day with that thought I drifted off to sleep with my husband in my arms.


When I woke up again it was already dark outside and the sun was fully set. The weight on my chest was gone that means my husband was already awake, I searched the whole chambers but he was not there.

The door next to the bathing chambers was slightly open, I didn't enter the room before because it was always open. Curiosity got most of me, I made my way towards the door and leaned just my head inside it to see anyone inside but the room was empty. Few candles were lit, I went inside the room to know what the room was for, few tables were there and some maps were pinned on the wall, many shelves were present with books in it.

I went near the book shelf and let my fingers trail on them, every one of the books was about wars and history of the past rulers and some about different places, some about gods and devils. Everything a king needs to know was there and even more, by now I concluded that this was his personal study room.

From my peripheral vision I saw something shining at the corner of the room, curiosity got best of me again and I went towards it, I gasped when I saw what was the thing, there was a huge crown and a sword kept on the table, the crown was made up of gold and diamonds, it looked rich and majestic, it obviously belonged to my husband but I have never seen him wear this crown or any other. My hands itched to touch the crown but I choose not to.

I sighed as I turned around only to scream out of fear, there stood my husband in his all glory with gleaming golden eyes.

"What are you doing inside the chambers without my permission".


Chapter 10

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