Chapter Five Part Three - Castle

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Using nothing but the light of a single candle, Jack fumbled around inside the reasonably large store cupboard. He was not entirely sure what he was looking for, though he was almost certain he would know what it was when he found it.

“Can you see anything in here, Fawaz?” he asked, knowing that the young boy was somewhere in there with him.

“No,” the boy replied. It was rare that he spoke and it always made Jack smile when he did so.

“Steady as you go, lad. You should be all right but be careful of any sharp edges.”

For several minutes both searched in silence, only the sound of items being almost blindly moved could be heard until almost fifteen minutes later when Fawaz emerged with Jack in tow, holding aloft a piece of red and white cloth.

Dropping it to the floor they straightened it out by the light of the candle to discover that it was the Canadian flag. Quite what that had been doing in the storage cupboard, Jack had no idea, but the young man's face lit up, his eyes glistening in the candlelight.

“We can put it up tomorrow, if you like?” Jack said as Fawaz nodded, quite eagerly. “OK, well how about you turn in for the night. It's almost midnight and tomorrow, we'll raise this flag and pretend we're all living in a castle!”

Still nodding, the young man scampered off in the direction of the room he shared with Richard, no doubt to tell him that they were going to be kings, or some such.

“You're so good with him, Jack,” said Sarah. He hadn't heard her approach so it was quite likely she had been there all along, only he had not noticed due to the darkness of the hour. “With both of them, really, but Fawaz really looks up to you.”

“He's a good kid,” Jack replied, shrugging. “It's a damn shame he's having to grow up in a world so royally screwed up as this one.”

“The same could be said for all of us,” she replied with a smile. “At least the younger generation never fully experienced the world as it was before.”

“Aye, they've got that on us,” he replied with a chuckle. “Saying that, I reckon him and Richard would much rather be playing Xbox to pass the time, rather than worrying about whether or not the fence is secure enough to go outside.”

“Speaking of which, I'm due on watch.”

“I'll come and relieve you in four hours,” he replied with a nod. “And I'll poke my head in on Hope before I do.”

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