Chapter 15

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I yawned as my eyes opened, waking up was peaceful. I don't know if it was because of the arm around my waist or the room I was in. I smiled as I felt Brewer wake beside me. "Morning sunshine," I said to him turning over to face him. He looked at me and gave me a tight smile. I could tell he wasn't happy, neither was I. Last night was on my mind, what happened and what I did.

"We need to talk Maven," he replied, it wasn't a question if we could, it was a demand.

"I know," I put my arm around his neck. "But not right now." I rolled away from him to get out of bed. My stomach growled and I looked at him, he smiled back at me and knew I wanted breakfast.

"We will have breakfast and talk, like a family." I sat on the edge of the bed and he moved to me pulling my back to his chest. His nose was in my neck where his mark was, it was tender still but his touch didn't hurt.

"Is that what we are now? A family?" I asked turning my head to face him. He looked at me searching my eyes before smiling.

"Yes, we are a family."

"Then let this family go get breakfast." I got up and pulled a new shirt over my head, a tan off the shoulder blouse. It  fell to my thighs so I grabbed some high waisted shorts I dug out of a closet somewhere in the castle.


"We will talk." I interrupted him not wanting to hear anymore of his whining.  I slowly opened our door, making sure it didn't creak, Brewer followed close behind me.

"What shall we have today?" Brewer asked, his hand resting on my waist.

"I was thinking just some eggs and toast, maybe sausage or something." I attempted to open the door to the kitchen but Brewer pulled me back. As I fell into his chest he smiled and cupped my cheek.

"Maven you're a Queen, you do not make breakfast you are served it."  He kissed me gently. I only imaged what this looked like, a great lion cuddling a fawn. How different and mismatched me and Brewer were.

Brewer held my hand and guided me to a small table in his study. I looked at him questioning why we were even in his study. "I didn't want to sit far away from you,"

I nodded at his reply and sat down in the chair he pulled out for me. I smiled as I felt my burn and mark when I went to pull my hair away from my neck.

Our food was served to us quickly and I rather forced it down than savored it. I watched Brewer finish eating and awaiting the long put off conversation.

When he finished he leaned back, the silence was louder then I could've imagined. Thankfully he started the conversation. "Maven, last night. I need to know exactly what happened."
His chair squeaked on the floor as he got up and walked to his desk, I followed behind him. He pulled it two files, one which had my name on and and the other was nearly blank except for "A-16" written on the top.

"A-16?" I asked, unsure of what it meant. Brewer pulled out a pen and without looking at me opened the files.

"It was the mans nickname, from where he came."

"Where did he come?"

"A pack like yours, bigger though. Against my ruling and law." He looked unfazed by saying that which unnerved me. How could he be so uncaring? I glanced to my file and the glaring stamp stared back at me. It's stupid lettering, Weak. To my surprise Brewer continued to cover that lettering with a type of white out, and stamped a new label.


"Maven tell me what happened."

I sighed and sat down, unsure of what to tell him or how. This was a lot, a lot for me and I could imagine a lot for him.

When I told him I tried to be as vague as possible but his prying ears and words opened me up. It was strange, feeling sad but not crying. It was uncomfortable telling him, I heard when his pen snapped but I didn't acknowledge it. "Stop," Brewer's voice was in Alpha mode.

"I kept fighting, but I —"

"I said, stop" I heard the chair splinter.

"I wasn't strong enough, so he kept going." I closed me eyes as the chair whipped past my head and smashed into the wall. His hands grabbed my face harshly and pulled me up. I struggled as I stood on my toes.

"I swear to god if you keep talking I'll kill you myself" his words were whispered into my ear but I heard the anger and wildness in his words.  I tried to open my mouth and speak but his hands held my face too tight for me to do anything. It started to hurt, my hands grabbed his wrist and my nails dig into his skin beckoning him to stop. 

Eventually he dropped me and stood behind his desk, glancing for a second at the chair then at me. I sat back down, my hand going to my jaw, which was tender. "I'm sorry, Maven." I didn't reply, I didn't care he hurt me. I just didn't feel a need to say anything back. It was blank space whatever I would say.

"What happened." 

"What do you mean?" I asked. Unsure of what he was asking about.

"In the forest, what happened?"

"I don't remember what happened after. I don't remember anything really, what happened to the man."

"He's dead." Brewer turned away from me. He looked at the window, to his castle and town. His own kingdom.

"You killed him?"  He chuckled, looking down with his eyes closed. His slow turn back to me was menacing.

"No,.. you did."

I stood up quickly, "What?"

"Maven, you slaughtered him." Brewer smiled but it wasn't how it should've been. He was insane. The anger flowing through his eyes, the pride in his chest.
"He was filleted, like a dissected frog. His skin was peeled back from his body, and staked down with widows sticks and shoe laces. His teeth were pulled, and shoved into his eyes. His ears were found next to his body, torn from his head." Brewer stalked to me. His hands on my lower ribs, he lifted me up and sat me in his desk. He actions replicated if we were celebrating and the way he spoke was happy.

"Theo, stop." I shoved his hands off of me but they came back instantly.

"My dear lass, you ripped his lungs from his body, and his heart? Missing." He grabbed my shirt and pulled my forwards him, my legs were spread so his body could fit between them. My hands pushed in his chest. His actions were unnerving. I needed out of his office.

"Please stop," his lips attacked my neck and my fists hit his chest. "Brewer I said stop!" I felt something take over me and my fist connected with his jaw. His head flew backwards and my foot kicked out to hit his guy. His hands grabbed my ankle and yanked it forward, sliding me off the desk onto the ground. Papers, the lamp and everything else flew off with me.

"He wasted you, I deserved you more."
Brewer grabbed my neck and pulled it to his face as he straddled my kicking legs. "I waited years for another chance, and he took it from me. He took you from me." He yelled through clenched, his spit landed on my check as I tried to close my eyes, but his anger    And my fear kept them open.

My hands went from his wrists to his face as his hands tightened around my neck. My nails scratched down, I felt him release and his hands immediately grabbed his own face as he screamed in pain. I took this opportunity to run, I went for the door but I heard him behind me. My bare feet his the cold castle floor as I turned hallways and got lost and lost in this maze. My head started to fill with images of my father chasing after me. Of the guards tearing at my skin, my anxiety grew more and more. 

I turned a last corner and saw a closet, this was probably going to be my last opportunity so I hopped in and instantly curled into a ball. The tears were endless but I covered my mouth and related what I did as a kids. My eyes closed, if I couldn't see it it wasn't technically there. It wasn't my fault.

I don't know how long I was in that closet but when Katara found me I was shaking. Her comforting words, I found, we're not comforting in the slightest.  When she begged for an answer I gave the only one I could think of, "I want Sol."

AU: y'all want me to write smut?

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