Bernadette Rossi POV

There was nothing that I loved more than being involved with my church. I attended the St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church here in New York. It's very peaceful here and I enjoy the wonderful statues. The smell of incense and roses wrap around me as I enter the church. I place some holy water on my head and I make the sign of the Cross. I recently came back from a trip to Rome. There, I met many nuns who asked if I would consider joining the Church. That was always on my mind since I was a child but I wanted to be married and have children. I was still a virgin and I'm only 25. I finished college and I started to work with children as an elementary school teacher. The fun part about working with children is that I love them. They make me laugh. I even get to work with 8-month-olds. I was waiting for God to send me the right man who would love me, cherish me, and loved God as well. I knelt down on one of the pews to say my daily prayers and petitions. After I say them, I get up and walk to the confessional, but there was already someone there. "Another time." I mutter to myself. I then gather my purse and begin to leave the church. I gave a quick bow out of respect and walked away. As I was leaving, I couldn't help but feel that I was being watched. I quickly turn around and see no one. I turn to leave. I head down the steps of the Church. I then make a phone call to my Mom to meet her for lunch. 

Third Person POV

He was leaving the confessional to allow someone to hear confessions. Father De Luca loved being a priest. He was done for the day to head back to the rectory. As he was locking up the church office, he saw her. A beautiful girl. He softly gasped as she began to move towards the front of the church. The light shines onto her hair, making her shine like a beautiful vision. She walks towards the confessional but leaves after seeing the light on in the confessional. He continues to look at her as she is leaving. She turns quickly to look behind her. Father De Luca hides behind the pillar. The girl turns to walk down the concrete steps of the Church and she was gone. Father De Luca was instantly smitten. He had to know who she was. 

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