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First day on the job I'm already nervous . My palms are sweaty . But I have to in order to get some fast cash for this bill . I went to the dressing room it's me and a bunch of other girls . It's 10pm on a Saturday I go home until 2am . Great my schedule is fucked for a while .

I start changing into a skimpy ass outfit. A black lacy outfit. It's revealing but not too revealing Even doe I'm being a slut doing this .  I put on a black mask to be unrecognizable just Incase someone from school comes. There's a 1% chance that will happen cause this club is expensive to come too . They call out my name to come to the pole . I get ready and strut out not showing any weakness .  I start spinning and twirling on the pole as they played The Weeknd. I began working that pole . The guys were rich men so they just sat and threw dollar bills like crazy. It's only the first day and I'm doing good . I guess this money might come in faster than expected.

Hours later

It's 2:30am I came home exhausted as fuck . I took off my heels ,undressed ,and jumped in the shower. I got out the shower feeling fresh. I counted the money I gathered today it was 500$ . I'm going to need more than that .

Sunday night

I woke up full of energy since i slept in all day now it's back to the strip . I shower and get my bag ready . I arrived to the strip I head back to the dressing room . I start doing my make up . One of the girls took my eyeliner and never gave it back what a hoe . I start dressing and put on a holo adidas body suit . I scroll through my phone and scroll some more . I come across Ethan he had posted . It was a video I clicked on it and saw him shoving his tongue down his fuck buddies throat . Just looking at her face brought back those horrible Haunting memories . All I see is the pure haunting memories cemented in my brain .  They call up my name I strut with confidence on stage . I begin to dance to Beyonce " haunted"  chills ran up all throughout my body . My body moved with the song it connected. I connected.
Tears fell down my face in pain of what I have to do in order to pay for something I caused .
This takes pain swear and tears . Life ain't fair but it's how it works .  As I danced water poured from above the ceiling making me wet and the tears I was crying unnoticeable.

I got off stage my boss called me to his room .

"So there's this young man he would like to pay you too be his personal private dancer and his company . I know it's only been 2 days but you're amazing for only two days . So would you take the offer ?" He said which caught me off guard.

"How much is the pay ?" I asked .

"4,500$ a week ." He replied.

"I will take the offer can you introduce me to him ." I said .

He walked me through the crowd of people until he stopped and stood next to a handsome young man .

"You must be ?" I said putting my hand out for a hand shake .

"Dean Smith , what about you ? What's your name babygirl ?"He said .

"Mary Fenty , what a nice pleasure to meet you ." I replied shaking his hand .

"So about the offer do you accept ?" Dean said.

"I do take the offer ." I said . The hesitation was strong but I had to stop .

"Well Mary lets get out of here ." He said putting his hand out for me to take a hold of .

I have him a smile and took his hand .  We got inside his Porsche and drove away . So this bill is going to get paid faster than expected .

We arrived to his house it was barely 11 so I still had time to go home and rest before school .

"So how old are you if I may ask ?" I said

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