c. ten

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"Wait so Archie pulled a gun on you guys, then there was a fight and then Sweet Pea slept over at your house. All in one night?" Toni recapped while pulling her donut apart to eat it. I nodded my head in response.

"And then there was also something else" I kept my eyes on her donut as Toni snapped her head to look up at me. "What?" She was worried at what I was going to say. And so was - I didn't know what to say or how to say it.

Biting my lip I debated whether to tell her or not. Toni kept staring me down with her worried face, finally making me tell her. "I think I almost kiss Sweet Pea." Once the words were out, I quickly put the straw in my milkshake to my lips.

Toni chocked on the small piece of donut she was eating. Coughing uncontrollably, she looked up with a shocked face. "What do you mean by 'I think'?" She was shocked and stunned and confused. So was I.

Finishing the last amount of my milkshake, Toni waited impatiently for my answer. Pushing the empty glass in front of me I looked out the window.

I focused on the spot that Pea and me were standing at during Retro Night. A smile was pulled on my lips at the memory until Toni kicked me under the table. She was waiting for me to speak and I rolled my eyes.

"I don't know. Like I ju- I don't know. That's all I can say. I don't know." Toni was unimpressed with my answer and demanded a better response. "Like I don't know. We were close and then Fangs rang." I told her truthfully. "I'm gonna murder Fangs" Toni mumbled. I looked up at her confused.

"Why?" I questioned her with a raised eyebrow. Toni was shocked at my answer and started to laugh. "Because it's obvious you like each other! That's why." She said as Pop came to collect our empty plates and glasses. I was unsure of what she meant and looked at her with a confused face before laughing nervously.

"Wha-No. No I don't, and he doesn't either." I laughed. Toni wasn't laughing and had a serious expression, making me stop laughing. "If I was to list every single reason and way, we'd be here till we die." She then excused herself from the table and left for the bathroom.

I stayed at the table rethinking every word she just said. There was no way I liked him - he was my best friend. That so called 'flirting' as Toni said was all bullsh*t. I, Amelia Lodge, do not like Sweet Pea in that way. And I can't even if I did.


"Nick and I were the 'will-they-or-won't-they' of our jet set." My sister explained to Kevin about our old friend from New York - Nick St. Clair.

Veronica and I weren't on any speaking terms. In fact I was surprised she didn't flip out when our parents ordered us both to show Nick and his family around Riverdale together. I was also surprised she was in the same room as me right now.

After last nights events and then Sweet Pea staying over, she was beyond furious with me. All I could do was roll my eyes at her annoyance and continue on with my life.

"He's an outrageous flirt, but we never dated. We'd hop from club to club, go on these madcap adventures, stay up all night." She continued to tell Kevin as Betty and Archie appeared from behind her. Archie was looking at Veronica with a puzzled face at what she was blabbering on about.

"Who's this now?" He asked her with worried tone. Veronica turned to him with an innocent look and assured him he didn't need to be 'jelly' and that it was a ghost from her 'bad girl past'. I rolled my eyes and laughed.

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