CANNIBAL (chap 2)

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Hello, hope you like this chapter. I tend to swear alot so be warned. and if you watch the youtube clip, be aware that they sometimes contain swearing. ok, thats everything, so pleez read and comment thanx xx

Sofia's pov

The bike growls loudly as we zoom into the lively streets of Sanbure. The roads and pavements are bustling with late night revellers. Horny guys slip their hands up the impossibly short skirts of drunk girls, bouncers hold off the mobs of people from storming the fancier clubs, men cast furtive glances around them while stealthily slipping away with a stolen handbag. Teens obviously underage stumble out of dark alleyways with sex-ruffled hair or scratching their arms after the bite of a needle, their eyes glazed and faces twisted into looks of ecstasy.

Tall, eclipsing buildings line the streets, the unmistakable flashes of blue and red police lights glinting off their windows. We skirt the crowds, dodging stumbling figures as we drive towards our destination. Most of them appear to be mortal humans, though I swear I saw a man with sharp, curling horns stalking a young, confused looking girl. Before I can identify his species, we zoom around a corner and onto a quieter, gloomier road. We've past the popular clubs, so it is quite deserted other than the odd figure standing beneath a flickering street light or slumped in a doorway. Dean squeals to a stop outside a boarded up house and we clamber off. He chains the bike to a railing and together we approach the grimy steel door. I give Dean a nod, shivering slightly from the cold as he knocks loudly. After a few moments it creaks open a crack, the smell of smoke, pot and sweat assaults my nostrils and the heavy bass echoes outwards.

A huge bloke with a purple Mohawk and multiple face peircings squints out at us.

"What d'you want? Get lost little birdie? Ditch that ugly twat and come see what real candy tastes like." he says leering at me.

"Oh, I would Crank, but you see," I lean closer so that the dim light slipping through the gap in the door alights upon my face, and I see his eyes widen in recognition, "I've licked your lollipop before, and I found its lacking a bit of... flavour."

Crank stands there for a moment before booming out a loud laugh and swinging the door wide open. "How's it goin' Sofia? Still as sassy as ever. And I'll have you know that my 'lollipop' has been called a lot of things, but flavourless is not one of them. Perhaps you need a second taster." He swings his eyes to Dean and lets out another thundering chuckle while ushering us in and closing the door. "Dean, it's been too long! How you been mate?"

"Business's good," says Dean while slapping Crank on his bulky shoulder, the highest he could reach thanks to Crank's incredible size. Dean sometimes buys the odd cigaret packet or two and sells them for a higher price to the others in the compound. Crank waves us on and Dean and I continue down a short passageway and down a short set of stairs. With each step, the music grows louder until we reach the bottom and it reaches a level loud enough to give any average human instant ear damage. The room is huge, with mist hovering above the heads of numerous grinding people- most of them wearing black leather and silver buckles. I sigh as i see a guy laughing loudly while wearing a pair of ridiculous fake fangs. If only he knew...

A DJ scratches a new song into the mix and I hear Dean yell the lyrics to '"Fever" by bullet for my valentine' over the shuddering bass *Youtube clip contains strong language*.

"I can feel your fever,  

taking over,  

can you see your fever  

taking over me!

I can feel your fever,  

taking over,  

got a dirty feeling,  

that you're the remedy!"

He grabs a random girl passing him and gives me a wink before disappearing into the throng of writhing bodies. I roll my eyes, he can be such a man-whore. Then again, i've been called a slut before, mostly because I tend to use seduction to get the vamps alone, even though its cause I've got the innocent public's welfare at heart. A feel a hand squeezing my ass and twirl around, ready to beat the shit out of this ignorant asshole, only to have my angry gaze clash into the hungry stare of two red eyes. Vampire eyes.  

"Hello beautiful." He has spiky black hair with red highlights, pale skin and high cheek bones. His lips are pulled up into a cocky smirk as his eyes travel over my long legs, stomach and the tops of my breasts. I swallow my revulsion and give him my best flirtatious smile.

"Wanna play with me big boy?" I ask him throatily, wiggling my hips suggestively. He licks his lips, probably thinking that he's got tonight's dinner in the bag. As I turn and saunter on to the dance floor, grabbing his icy hand and pulling him after me as I go, I smile as I think of how very wrong he is...

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