Meet me in the after life. Part 1

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A/N: It's trash.

You don't understand what just happened. Or why it just happened.  You and your boyfriend Gaara were just sparring out in the training fields when, but while he went to go check something out in his office, rogue nins attack you so suddenly and quickly, as soon as you were left alone.

Two holding you down, while one held a knife above your chest. But, Just as he was about to plunge the weapon into your chest cavity, he came back. Killing the two holding you, and knocking the third above you off.
He was set to help you get up, but neither of you saw the forth nin. The one that disabled his sand with water, and stabbed him in the back.

Maybe if you were quick, you'd be able to see him again, but right now. Everything blank to you.

Right now, you stood above your former boyfriends limp body, with dead rogue nins surrounding you. Temari and Kunkuro stand a few feet away calling you, with tears in their eyes, but you don't move. You just kneel down, shaking his body lightly.

"Gaara come on..."


"Gaara seriously this isn't funny"


"Gaara, we have to get back. The Elders are waiting for you"


"Gaara please..." your voice cracked. "Gaara, babe please get up" you asked running your hand over the wound.


"Gaara please, you promised you wouldn't leave..." your eyes filled with tears, as you gritted you teeth. "DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!! GAARA COME ON PLEASE!!" You yelled pleading for him to move, but your cries were unheard by him. His siblings pulling you away, fighting with you as you tried so hard to stay with with him. But it seemed they were against you.

Just as the world seemed against you.

That was a 3 months ago, but you remember everything perfectly that day. You still feel the pain, the loneliness you suffer every day. Pretending to move on, but you still hurt. Living in hope he'll pull you closer in bed and nuzzle you, whispering he loves you, while you smile and turn to face him and whisper it back to him. Hoping the world wasn't this cruel to you, taking the only you had left.

But it doesn't work like that. It seemed that the world did everything to make you miserable, from your family and friends. To your love, the one you were living for.

Now that he's gone, what's the point? You thought about this over and over as you stepped closer to the cliff. Deciding to go with ending it outside your home, no one could stop you here. No, this was it.

You turned, and sniffed, tears rapidly running down your cheeks. You see him, his pained face as you lean back. Whispering one last line, before you do it.

"I love you, my Sand King" fell.

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