2. secrets or not.

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The halls were quiet and everyone was in class now. I'm telling you, if a feather dropped, you would be able to hear it if my footsteps weren't echoing off the walls. I was making my way to the counseling office to switch out of having AP Bio with Augustus when someone broke my train of thought.

"Hey Jami," an unknown person softly said from behind me.

I turned around to see who it was, and I recognized him immediately. It was the senior that gave me my schedule this morning. The one who looked like Zac Efron, and I had made a fool of myself in front of.


"Where are you off to?" he asked.

"The counseling office to switch my schedule."

"Oh, that's nice. I'm Sam, short for Samuel."

He started to walk towards me, so my natural instinct was to walk backwards, until my back slammed against the lockers. I gulped. This felt like I was at home again with Amiel, but instead of an old drunk, it was a high school fuck boy.

2 fûck boys in one day. Could life get any worse?

Sam was now inches away from me. He brought his arm up to my cheeks and caressed it. With every movement he made, my airway tightened, and my stomach twisted into hundreds of knots. I tried to move his arm, but I couldn't. He smiled and gave me a wink, making me feel more than uncomfortable.

"Hey! What are you doing, Samuel?"
someone grumbled from a few feet away.

I somewhat sighed, it was Augustus.

"Nothing." Sam moved his arms away and gave Augustus a glare before walking away.

Augustus's eye softened, and he worryingly asked, "Pumpkin, are you okay?"

I looked up at him, giving him an assuring nod before saying, "Stop calling me pumpkin."

"No." He grinned before continuing, "So, tell me why you can't sit next to me? Don't tell me you're afraid of me."

"No, I'm not. You're the last person I'd be afraid of. Just leave me alone. I can't tell you even if I wanted to." I pushed myself off the locker and looked at him one last time before continuing my way to the counseling office. His shoulders were slumped and his usual toughness was gone.

He looked as if he was defeated, and it really made me wonder why, considering he was always known to be "unbreakable".


I pushed open the door, and the smell of pine tree instantly rushed into my face. I walked towards the desk and rang the bell, waiting for someone to come out and help me.

A few moments later, a tall woman in a black dress with red heels on walked out of one of the rooms in the end of the hall.

"Hi, how may I help you?" Her voice was soft and squeaky.

"Hi, I'm Jami and I'd like to switch 1st period AP Bio to another period, please."

"Alright, give me a moment."

While waiting for the lady to check if there was any space left in other classes, my eyes wandered around. The office was filled with bright green plants and pictures of star athletes were hung up. One of them caught my eye, it was my mom. She was the captain of the varsity volleyball team and with her height, she was able to bring the team to nationals every year. I looked just like her, except my eyes were green, rather than blue. My gut began to pour in with guilt and flashes of her clutching at her heart went through my mind.

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