Team Game Night

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Austin/Vector's P.O.V.

You heard of family game night, right? The entire family under one roof and playing a bunch of ridiculous games. Some get very competitive (V.E.R.A.). Some really don't care (Trey and Tamra) Some just act extremely goofy (Parker). And then there's me, the person who just has fun no matter what. 

As cheesy as it sounds, it's true. It's just great to see all the guardians, plus V.E.R.A., together playing crazy games.

Currently, we are playing charades, and Trey, the all-star basketball player, was trying to mimic a puffer fish. The other team, the girls, were just plain confused at what he was doing; Tamra was even recording this game night and considering on putting it on her blog, Tamra Sayz. Parker is just laughing his head off trying to guess under pressure. 

"Is it a some sort of jazz monkey?" My best friend snorted, trying to not drop the tablet he was holding in front of his chest. "A cuckoo bird?"

The blogger giggled as she tried to keep her phone steady while she recorded this. "How do you go from jazz monkey to cuckoo bird?"

"I don't know!" Parker replied. 

"I suggest to look at his facial structures to attempt to make a better estimate," V.E.R.A. hinted, her usual emotionless tone due to her being an A.I.. Long story...

Parker decided to take the hint. "Some sort of fish?" He guessed.

Trey, not able to talk, signaled him to keep going. "Hurry Parker!" I exclaimed as I checked the timer on my phone. "You only have fifteen seconds." I turned to my 'sister-from-another-mother-board'. "Start the countdown V.E.R.A.."

"Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven..." My A.I. sister said.

"Um... um..." Parker hesitated, rubbing the back of his neck.

"... Six... Five... Four..."

"Is it a-a... what is it?"

"... Three... Two... On-"


"YES!" Trey collapsed on the couch across from the girls', happy he doesn't have to keep mimicking a fish anymore.

I sat on the couch right next to Parker. "Which brings us to a tie," I sighed, sitting straighter. "Ten for the girls, ten for the boys."

"What should be our tie-breaker game?" Tamra asked, beginning to stop giggling.

Trey pursed his lips. "Why don't we search around the house for a game?"

I shrugged. "Sure, why not?" I agreed, getting up to my feet. 

The rest of my friends stood up and followed me as I walked down the hall. The silence coming from behind me indicated that nobody has struck an idea yet. We continued to walk quietly towards the back of the house, passing door after door. I started to get a little nervous as we were slowly getting closer and closer to the final door.

Before we all made it to the last door, I spun on my heel and began to walk back to the living room, hoping my friends would follow me. But it wasn't long before a hand grabbed my wrist, a tiny electric shock striking up my arm. I turned to see Tamra, her mysterious dark green eyes staring into my light-ish brown ones. 

Wait, what?

"Hold on just a second," she said, still holding my wrist with a firm grip. "Why are you walking away from that door?"

Trey scoffed. "Is our fearless guardian leader afraid of fairy tale monsters that lie on the other side of that door?" He teased.

I shot a glare at him as I gently pulled my hand away from Tamra's, ignoring the lack of warmth that came right after. "It's nothing," I lied. "Let's just go back to the living room and declare a tie, 'kay?"

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