f o u r t e e n

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* * *

Too many people are trying to find the right person instead of being the right person.

* * *

A bubble of joy surfaced in Sage once he'd stepped outside his mother's spark, his eyes coming to a stop on his violet-eyed co-worker. Clad in a monochromatic attire, he was leaning against his truck, a bored expression on his face as he eyed students that sauntered past him. His eyes suddenly lifted, catching Sage's uniquely coloured eyes. A crooked grin pulled up on his face, kicking the boredom to the curb.

After saying goodbye to Cecilia, Sage hurried over to him, tempted to throw his hands around Randall's slim hips in a hug. Due to this, he'd not planned out what he'd actually do when he reached up to him, and hence the awkward situation that followed.

Randall rolled his eyes, trying to fight off a smile. He seemed to be having a hard time doing so. "Yes, Sage. You can hug me."

Sage's lashes lifted, his eyes growing wide. He hastily stepped back, frantically shaking his head. "W-what are you ... I-I don't want to -"

"You're so easy to read." Randall chuckled, propping himself from his car to close the distance between them for a hug. Albeit frozen at the abrupt mess of the embrace, Sage neither rejected it nor reacted -until a few seconds flew by.

"You smell nice." Randall pointed out.

"T-thanks, R-Ran..." his voice came out as muffled, heat rising to his cheeks at the length of their hug, the vehemence of his friend's words. His hands dropped from the hug in the instance he was released. Abruptly, Randall leaned in, taking a huge whiff of Sage's clothes, and hair.

Sage jumped back, a small squeak emitting from his mouth. "W-what are y-you-"

"You smell like ... vanilla and roses? Care to explain, young man?" Randall said in a stern voice, crossing his hands before his chest, blanking his facial expression. Soon enough, Sage's adorable distressed came into play, one of Randall's favourite expressions of his. The expression consisted of eyes expanding, blond brows caving in, his small red lips pulled into a criminally innocent pout; all which he did, unconsciously.

And then, the stuttering began.

"W-well, m-my mom said I should - I-I mean, my m-mom bought this set of body wash and colognes and l- told me to try it. I-Is it girly? I-I'm sorry..." he fervently apologized, lowering his eyes.

Randall grabbed Sage's hand, squeezing them to jostle his waning attention. "I'm joking! Jeez, cinnamon, you need to take it easy."

A small gasp was heard, and Sage's fist came into play, knocking in his friend's shoulder. That didn't stop him from laughing, though. "I-It's not funny. You ... you always tease me."

"C'mon, Sage. Don't be like that." Randall whined. Before Sage could respond, the first morning bell rung, the signal that students were to hurry to their classes. He felt a familiar turmoil of emotions brimming within him, resurfacing.

"Wanna hold hands?" Randall asked, to which Sage nodded, extending his hand. Randall's hands enveloped his, and he pulled Sage in close, offering him a sheepish smile, then a wink. The blond quickly glanced away, blushing. "So, how was the weekend?"

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