Chapter Fifteen: Innocence

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     My cell door opened with a high pitched squeal. I felt my heart leap into my throat, they never opened my door till morning for chores. I had been in my cell for only a few hours, it was still dark out. Through the darkness I heard footsteps at the top of the stairs.

     "Get up, Slut, He's expecting you." Shivers went down my bone protruded spine, shaking my entire body.

     I slid my bare feet underneath me and stood up, pulling my rags down over my butt, this year I'd only been given an only dirty white dress that was even too short for me. I was never given underwear, so I tried to pull the dress down the most I could. Though I had nothing to be embarrassed of, since everyone in the pack has seen me naked, as my last punishment was to be only wearing a collar with a ten pound weight on it, and only the collar and weight.

     I quickly trekked up the stairs, feeling my bones crack and pop from stiffness. I felt blood soak the side of my dirty dress from a glass wound reopening at the movement. The man that was waiting at the top of the stairs roughly took a hold of the back of my neck, forcing me to follow him.

     He brought me to Master's quarters, on the third floor. My heart pounded loudly in my chest, flooding its rhythmic beat into my ears. I didn't know what I had done, especially bad enough to be woken at such an hour, but knowing Master, it could be for no reason at all. I clenched my shaking hands, trying to cease the tremble in my step, Master didn't like it.

     The door opened.

      Master stood there. He was clad in only his undergarments and a thin cotton t-shirt, which formed tightly to his strong physique. Master was young, a mere twenty-three, yet he managed to reign so much control on the pack, being the Alpha's son. According to one of the elder ladies, whom had given me clothes every year, I was fifteen.

     Master quietly thanked the man whom had retrieved me, sending him off. I made such my head was firmly bowed, something he had trained me to do. His rough hand clasped around my thin arm and he pulled me into his gigantic room. I had been here before, many times.

     I expected to go straight to his personal whipping post tucked in the corner like usual, but he stopped me, "We're going to do something different today."

     I stopped cold. There was something off about his tone. There was evil resting underneath his voice and even without looking at his face I knew that he was wearing one of his infamous smirks. He was known for that look. I had grown accustomed to that look.

     I swallowed hard, my back having still be turned to him. Realizing how rude I was being, I made a frantic move to face him, but before I could turn, I felt him behind me. His breath hit my neck, sending unpleasant shivers racing down my spine down to my toes that curled in return. My palms grew sweaty as images of what he might do to me flashed in my brain.

     His hands tangled into my hair, making me flinch automatically. Instead of pulling it out, he slowly moved my long brown hair to one side, "I don't know why you flinch so much, Pet. It's unattractive."

     "I'm sorry, Master. I will try better next time-"

     His fingers that were on my shoulders dug painfully into my flesh, "Did I give you permission to speak?"

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