The 1st Hunger Games

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Screaming. That's the only thing I can hear. We all thought that a revolution would lead to a better, more successful life. We wouldn't have started one if we knew it would lead to this. The first ever hunger games, with many more to come.
The Hunger Games is basically a TV show, where 24 girls and boys fight to the death, until only one victor remains. Except that it is different from other reality TV shows. They are just based on real life. The Hunger Games is real life. You know what that means?
An additional 23 people will die each year.
If you gathered 100 people together who went into the hunger games, only 2 would be alive. 2 out of 100. That's 98 dead. I can't imagine how many more will be dead by the time we get to the tenth Hunger Games, let alone the hundredth.
The reaping is today. Right now, in fact. The day the tributes are chosen.
I am screaming. I am the one screaming. Inside my mind, I am screaming. I am screaming and I don't know why. And then I come to my senses and I know why. I realise why I am screaming.
And so I scream louder.

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