Chapter 1 - Choices

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Persephone's (Percy's) POV

Depressed. Guilty. Useless

That's what I'm felling at the moment. Oh, you're wondering who I am. Well my name is Persephone Jackson. At the moment I am currently in Cabin 3, getting ready to go to Olympus. Now, at least some of you must be thinking why I'm feeling this way. 

It's all my fault... everything. If I hadn't been born, then the war with Kronos would have been delayed, and Luke might have actually had a happy life.

If I wasn't alive, then Gaea may not have rose. She rose because of my stupid nosebleed. Of course, my friends say otherwise, telling me that I'm a hero and I shouldn't be thinking that its my fault.

I feel useless at the moment, there have been no recent quests, and I feel useless sitting in the safety of camp, while demigods are being killed left and right.

*Time Skip to Olympus*

I'm walking into the throne room, the rest of the seven, Nico, and Reyna were already kneeling. I walk up to them, not bothering to kneel. The gods don't comment already knowing that I wasn't going to kneel.

"Heroes! You have done a great deed for Olympus. As a reward for your endeavors, you will all receive a gift.", Zeus says, his voice booming through the throne room.

The gods quickly transform into their Roman forms, rubbing their heads slightly after the switch.

"Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, step forward.", Zeus thunders.

"For your help transporting the Athena Parthenos, we offering you half immortality.", Athena says.

"I accept, my Lady", Reyna says as she kneels in front of the gods.

Artemis stands up from her throne, still in giant form, and shoots a silver light out of her hands. The light hit Reyna, and we all avert our eyes. When the light dies down, you can see a faint silver hues around her, making her seem as though she was under the moonlight. She walks away from our group of demigods, standing next to Athena.

"Jason Grace, if you will accept it, the council has agreed to make you minor god.", Zeus then says, a bit of smugness in his voice.

"Of course father", Jason says, also bowing.

The whole light thing happens, but except with sky blue light, making it like a black hole in the throne room. Jason now having a blueish hue around him.

That's when I notice Fates, who were sitting in a corner of the room, were getting up standing in front of Jason.

"All hail Jason Grace, minor god of the wind, tornadoes, and venti.", they say in their raspy voices.

He also steps out of the group, standing next to Reyna.

Hazel follows, getting her curse removed and becoming the minor goddess of Magic and Precious Metals.

Frank goes right after her, also taking away his curse and becoming the minor god of Shapeshifting and Animals.

The ceremony goes on, the gods turning back into their Greek forms.

Piper is now the minor goddess of Charmspeak and Natural Beauty.

Leo becomes the minor god of Fire and Smelting.

And so an so forth. Annabeth turns down godhood, but does get to have a few extra powers, like breathing underwater from my father.

It all ends with Nico...

"Nico DiAngelo, my son, for your help transporting the Athena Parthenos, you will also receive one gift.", Hades says beckoning Nico forward.

"You will get the title, Ghost King, and will get to be the general of my armies", Hades says, his pride evident.

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