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Chapter 17 - Thank You

* ZACH's POV *

"What's that noise?" I groaned. I slowly opened my eyes and saw people in lab coats and scrubs walking everywhere.

I tried lifting my head but stopped as soon as I felt it hurt like hell.

"Aaaaggh!" I cursed and I lifted my hands to my head. What the hell is this?

"Please lie down." The woman in the scrubs ordered.

"What's happening?" I wondered.

"You just came from CT scan, dear. I'm Nurse Jackie. Please try to rest. It'll only get worse if you don't." She tucked me in and left in a hurry probably to attend to other people.

"Wait... What's a CT? Where..." I tried calling the nurse back but she just closed the curtain on me. I could hear people screaming around. I just ignored them, lay down and stared at the ceiling trying to recall what happened.

Great. Just great. My car's probably totaled. The police probably thought I was drunk. I might as well just die right now.

"Good morning, sir." Boris opened the curtain to my cubicle.

"It's morning already? Please don't tell me I've been sleeping for two days or something."

"You were only unconscious for two hours. You're in the emergency department, sir." Boris replied calmly.

"That's good news." I somewhat felt relieved.

"How are you feeling, sir?" He asked.

"I'm hungry. I'm still on hung over. I'm stuck here. How do you think I'm feeling?" I let out, clearly frustrated

"Very well. Just to let you know, I took care of the car. Insurance will take a look at it this morning." He informed me.

"What happened to it anyway? What about the idiot who almost got me killed?"

"Don't worry about it. The police and I came to a mutual understanding." He said straightforwardly.

"What did you do, Boris?" I looked at him seriously.

"Just rest so I can take you home." He assured me.

"Wait... Have you told father I'm here?" Now I’m worried.

"I had a lot of time to think what to say to him but nurse Jackie said you were awake. Anyway here, I'll just-" Boris grabbed his phone from his pocket.

"Don't. We wouldn't want the two of us in trouble now. Anyway, I'll tell him myself." I interrupted. "What did the doctor say anyway?" I queried.

He sat on a chair beside me and said, "You have a minor bruise on your forehead. Hence, the bandage you shouldn't keep on touching. And you just came from scanning your head to see if your brain's ok."

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