Chapter 6

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Bold is English. Very bad English

Coming into the shop I saw Nara and my eyes instantly lightened up.

"MIN YANG !!!!!!" Screamed Nara, who looks a lot like Soo Yin. 

Are they doppelgängers? Identical twins? 

Fuck me.

I think I need a hearing aid more than Soo Yin even though she's a grandma.

Hugging me tight,I wheezed.


"Nara. Air," 

"Oh, sorry"

She then turned to Jihoon.

Fuck me. 

Fuck me. 

Fuck me. 

Fuck me. 

Fuck me.

Fuck me. 

Fuck me. 

Fuck me.

Fuck me. 

Fuck me 


She then pinched her cheeks.

"Jihoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!" She wailed while everyone stared at her, "It's been so so so so so long!~"

"It's been only 2 weeks," Jihoon slightly chuckled.

"I don't care, I miss you!"

"Nara, " I sighed, "go home"

"Ok, ok," She slightly pouted and ran up to Jihoon.

She then kissed Jihoon's left and right cheeks and her forehead and left saying "bye". 


For a long time, like fucking 1 minute.

Jihoon is staring at Hansol. Jihoon is staring at Hansol. Jihoon is staring at Hansol. 

"Hey," waking her up from her deep trance.

"Oh hey Yang."

"I see a little someone caught your attention" I giggled.


He looked at us while he was helping up a sobbing kid after they fell over like he knew we were talking about him.

  Turning our heads I looked at Jihoon and stated.

"Look saying that Hansol is quiet, enigmatic, mysterious and dark is an understatement".

*Ring. Ring. Ring.*

There goes the bell.

Who the fuck- oh, it's that Bug- oh wait, Big Marvel, what is HE doing here,

" What are yo-"

"I need chicken," he says in English.

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