Chapter 5

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Eating in silence, Jihoon and I awkwardly ate together. A few glances here and there but no talk. 

Sometimes Jihoon can be confusing, we've known each other for so long yet sometimes she acts as if we don't know each other. Probably because she's tired. Sometimes that can affect her whole mood and lifestyle.

I chuckled slightly, Jihoon gave me a confused look.

I love how I'm one of the few people who know this about her. 

I didn't have many people who trusted me or who I trusted. 

Ah, why am I thinking about this now? I should just eat...









Jihoon loudly (and proudly) burped and held her plate into the kitchen to wash it. I asked her ti wash mine too and then I hopped upstairs to my bedroom.

Sooner or later Jihoon joined me and we got ready for work. 

We jumped back down to the first floor but before we could leave, a massive dick ran into my face.

"Yo, Min Yang!" He shouted joyfully, I sighed and hit his shitty head.


"Yo, how's it going!" He started throwing gang signs at me, what has this generation come to?

"Fine," I replied 

My brother - HALF brother then turned his shitty head towards Jihoon.

"Welcome to the family," He smirked and had a smug look on his face as if he had said something good. 


Jihoon looking shocked screamed, " I'm a girl!"

"Oh, sorry. You look cool," 

"Piss off!" I shouted at him.

He then looked at me.

"Look," he sighed, " I care about your health and safety and I think it's best for you to learn road safety," 

No, not this...

"When you cross the road," he began

"Look Jihoon and I are late and-"

"Stop, go and hope,"



Jihoon awkwardly patted me on the shoulder and mouthed to me "how the fuck can you live with him". I shrugged my shoulders and sighed. I reached for my shoes and quickly escaped from the horror house.

"And If you die, you are in big trouble,"

"No shit," Jihoon raised her voice, 

"You finally used your head for once you slut!"

And like that, we went off. 

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