Gettin' Paid

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[Pull this golden string,

little rapper wakes up.

Ready to entertain.

Ready for the hall of fame. ]

Yo! I got it goin' on, man! I got style. My lyrics is good. I'm willin' to work real hard to make my dreams come true, man! My family, you know, I come from a difficult background and rap, rap is like the only positive thing I know, man. It's like, it's like, all them rappers, they're just like speakin' truth, man. That's how it all is, man. They speakin' the truth and I wanna speak the truth, too, man. 

[Found him at an open-mike, 

a seedy dive of a bar.   

A young man with a golden chain, 

beggin' to be made a star.]

I was workin' them little clubs, you know? Rappin' my ass off, trying to make it. Workin' real hard. Yeah, there were some who supported me, yeah. But there were so many haters, man. Like, these people tellin' me things like, I don't know, how the industry would eat me and shit. I didn't listen 'cause they just don't want a brother to succeed, am I right? They can't stand it when a brother starts gettin' paid. Screw 'em. I'm gonna be BIG man. 

[Here's how we do it, 

it's easy as apple pie.

They never see through it, 

and the stakes are mega-high. ]

And then one night this scout shows up sayin' he'd heard my demo and wantin' to talk to me uptown, like, about a possible recording contract. And, I was like, THANK YOU JESUS! Oh yeah, man, I am down with that, I am so down! 

[To hook him on a string, 

show him a little bling.] 

And I got offered a two album contract! Couldn't believe it, man! It was like, whoa! And all these PR people and image consultants and everything were like showin' me all these cool looks, clothes and shit, and givin' me all sorts of freebies.  And the studio, man! Like professional! I wasn't gonna be rappin' in no converted shower stall no more, man! It was like the dope shit! I was just, I can't even, I can't even say, man! The BOMB, man! 

[with some heavy bags of Mary Jane 

and a little bit of honey,

your new black rapper puppet 

gonna make you lots of money!]

When my first album came out, it was suddenly like, zero to a million, man. I was gettin' invites to all these clubs, and these cool people all like knew who I was, and were congratulatin' me and tellin' how great my album was. And I was like FINALLY man, FINALLY people were hearin' me, they were hearin' my truth and they were diggin' on it. And them girls, man! Aw, man there were suddenly all these gorgeous model chicks all over the place and they all wanted to get next to me and I was gettin' pussy like every night. Yo, if you ain't been there, you can not imagine !

[oh, little black rapper puppet,

ghetto gangsta to the core,

we've sold five million records

gonna sell five hundred million more]

So, I went back in the studio and they were all like, yo, we got a few different ideas. And I was like cool cool, what? And so they were tellin' me how my stuff was gonna be like obsolete and other rappers were gonna out-do me in sales and if I really didn't haul ass and get somethin' really mint out then like, 'sit man, game over. Has been. But I didn't have nothin' really, so I started writin' more about myself, right, like about my pain, right, and they were tellin' me I was gonna be even bigger cause it was so real. 

[oh, little rapper puppet, 

golden string's pullin' hard on you.

Oh, little rapper puppet, 

now whatcha gonna do?]

And then, all of a sudden I was gettin' all this bad press, man. Like, I don't know, bad reviews and shit and all these snot-assed critics who never been to the hood sayin' I was just bandwagon jumpin' and like I wasn't for real or nothin'. Like, I wasn't say the truth, like how it is, but just some personal garbage and usin' the world as my shrink. And then my girlfriend left me 'cause I was like depressin' her or some bullshit. Whatever, fuck her, I just wanted to get back in the studio and do my thing. Just do my thing. But there was that long-ass tour and I just, I just. . .

[Try to cut them strings, boy, 

just try 'n cut them strings.

We've got you little rapper puppet, 

caught on a hundred golden rings]

Third album. I told 'em, man. I'm ready, I got material! Good shit, man, totally lit, but they were like hmmm don't know, sales have been down hmmm. And I was like, fuck them sales, man! I got the truth! I got to get back in the studio and lay it down, man! Sign me for another album, man! Lemme lay down my truth! But they were startin' to not take my calls, and I was like fuck this, and I did my own private tour and sold lots of shit but, yo, like . . . I never heard back and now I'm sittin' in Nowhere's ville, playing small bars like before. Had to pawn my chains and sports car, but I still got the house. That ain't so bad, but what hurts, man, what just tears me up, is that I ain't in the charts no more. I'm like washed-up at 25 and my truth ain't gettin' out there, man. Like the whole world stopped listenin' one day. Like everybody in the whole goddamned world just stopped listenin'. . .

[Oh, little rapper puppet, 

don't need you any more.

Found another rapper puppet,

gonna show you to the door.

And who is this new puppet, 

tell you totally true?

He's a soulless little moron

who can dance

much better


you ]


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