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Please Be Careful With My Heart- Smart poor gal and Dumb rich guy. Triciia is so poor that she can't pay her own tuition fees so she was oblige to teach a guy, Ray, who is a sports maniac, in order to pay her tuition fees.Ray made a deal with his father that if he doesn't pass his exams, he will be sent to study abroad to America. In order to pass, Ray 'HAD' to stay in Triciia's house to study '7/11 a day in seven days a week' in exchange for taking care of her house and chores. You expect romance to happen in this story but seeing as they fight every single day, I doubt it will.

A Death Lipstick Kiss On The Cheek- A Serial inhuman killer that kills her victims by leaving a very poisonous unknown red lipstick mark on their cheek. She doesn't use her strength, she always rely on her powerful demanding voice. Some said she was beautiful as an emotionless doll, others says she's a monster with insanity. Two main characters, Jennifer and Jake explore in a world of killers' mind. They think like them, they act like them in order to solve countless of cases. Will they be able to catch the serial killer before their love one gets killed?

The Angel's Voice- Instead of trying hard to become a celebrity and enter a world of what they call 'Fame', read this story and experience what it's like to become a celebrity. Shayla was forced to take his famous older twin brother, Shawn's, place to continue his career after meeting an unfortunate car accident. IT doesn't mean Shayla will have to BE as Shayla but as Shawn! What makes things worse is that her manager had her entered in one of the world's most popular boy band! Worried she might get caught, she tries her best to hide her secret or else be the biggest scandal in music industry! But, her stupidity saved her countless of times! LoL

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