Chapter 2

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After Hecate woke up I made us some tea and now we're sitting in the living room on a couch.

'Perseus do you remember the day you became my champion?'


Percy has just been claimed and this is his second night in his own cabin by his lonesome. Suddenly a purple smoak starts to rise from between the floorboards.

The young Percy jumps to his feet and pulls out Riptide ready for a fight. When the smoak disappears a woman stands in the middle of hus cabin.

She had long black hair so dark its almost purple. Long angular face and startling dark blue eyes. She's wearing a cloak that covers her entire body, but you can still see she has a beautiful body.

' Perseus, calm down. I am Hecate goddess of crossroads, mist and magic. And I am here to ask a favour of you.'

'Percy please.'

'What?' she asks confused.

'Please call me Percy I hate it when people call mt Perseus it makes me sound old. Also Lady Hecate, what could I do for you? I'm only a twelve year old boy.'

Hecate chuckles lightly 'Young man, I have the ability to see parts of the future. And I have seen your fate. You will do more than you can imagine. You will feel love, hate, jealousy and kindness, you will face life and death and the cruelty of this world but that is all I can tell you now. I come here because one day I feel I will need your aid. If you will accept my proposal then you will gain much but will be in my dept until you can pay me back. Do you understand?'

The young Percy doesn't really know what she's rambling on avout but just goes with it, hoping she'll explain later.

' Yes Milady please continue.'

' I can see obedience isn't one of your strong suites. Nevertheless here is my proposal. If you accept, you will become my champion. You will gain the ability to use magic and you will be powerful, very powerful. However you aren't allowed to tell anyone and I mean no one. If you do then I will erase their memory of you telling them and will keep doing it until you realise it's pointless. I will give you everything you will need to become a wizard. The books the wands everything. You must understand you will only be out of my dept when you do something significant for me. Are we clear?'

Young Percy sat there for a minute thinking of the pros and cons. Just before the silence became akward he answered ' Milady it would be an honour to be you champion and I will make you proud.'

Hecate gives him a warm smile ' Perseus I have seen the things you will one day do. I could not be prouder.'

She then gives him a hug and a purple mist surrounds them. When Hecate pulls back Percy feels weird as if he's missing something.

' Ah yes, what your feeling is your wand or the lack thereof. I know you hold you pen dear thus I will give it an upgrade pass it here.' He hands her the pen and she take it while a purple mist envelopes her hand when the mist evaporates the pen doesn't look any different. She hands it back.

' There, now I know that uncapping the pen brings out Riptide but think of your pen morphing into a wand.' He replies by concentrating and after a few seconds he closes his eyes and tries harder.

' Congratulations you did it.' Hecate suddenly exclaims. Percy opens his eyes and sees he is holding a light seagreen white wand in his hand.

' What your holding now is a very unique wand. 11½ inches it's made from a coral tree that grew at the bottom of the ocean it's the last of it's kind. Now normally a wand would only have 1 core, however yours has three Pegasus hair' she gave a tiny smirk as if she's thinking of an inside joke ' Hellhound hair and a hair from my own head. This makes it extremely powerful and I know you would use it wisely. As for your training you will be doing that by yourself and I will occasionally check up and help out where need. There is a trunk under your bed with everything you will need. Goodbye for now and goodluck.'

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