Eyes on her

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Runs downstairs opens the front door shouting "2mins" running back in grabs her keys and jacket, quick look in the mirror then locks the front door, jumps into the car.

Demi-" Hello baby. You ok? By the way you look amazing. Ok driver ready if you are thank you" *smiles*

Y/N-" Hey. Yeah I'm good thank you, so where we going then?? And thank you, so do you like always!!"

Demi- " We are going food duh! I'm always good once your around me y/n. Aw babe shh making me go red here"

Y/N-" I know that but where silly? Demi you are the most wonder person ever *leans for a kiss* mm baby! I love you"

Demi-" I can't tell you just wait my woman *starting laughing* awe baby girl stop!! Erm wow where that come from? *starts to blush* I love you too y/n forever"

Demi pov-

I wonder if Y/N believes what I've just said I hate lying I know it's only a little one as it's surprise but I hate it regardless whatever it's about. I can't wait to meet Y/Ns family!! This night can't get any better, I have the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, we soon to get our own house even thought we haven't been looking or speak to y/n about it, but I cannot see that being a problem as we are coming as one plus I know she hating where she is now.. don't get me wrong the apartment is lovely y/n as done it so beautiful, it's big got all the space to do things with, just hard not coming home seeing her face every day. Even thought one of us are always at each other just not the same as having something we can call home.
I know y/n been wanting a big three bedroom house, nothing to big or flashy as she hates the paps but somewhere where is quite, big yard at the back where we can host party's, family dinners and somewhere where our children can play, but also got the pool etc etc. I know y/n hates being under the spotlight because of me, but I can't really do nothing about that, y/n just always saying she doesn't get why the paps come after her even if I'm not with her. She's slowly understanding guess she just wants our life private but who can blame her! Sometimes I wish I just could go hide away from it all...
Well as of next week I have 6months off, we need time to plan this wedding and get things rolling, I'm sure my fans will understand and they love y/n and once they find out about mine and y/n engagement which I shall be telling them all tonight 🙈

Y/N-" Demi... demi... DEMI LOVATO!!!"

Demi- " oh erm sorry I was in a world of my own haha!! We here baby by the look of it"

Y/n-" I have been shouting your name for the last 5 minutes, I know so get go I need dinner"

Demi gets out the car runs around the other side of the car opening the door for you, as y/n gets on the car demi grabs your arm pulling you to one side, this point your face to face can feel each other breathe on one another..

Y/N-" this looks serious demi what's wrong?"

Demi-" oh believe me Y/N it is, * pulls you even closer to her* Number one don't think I didn't hear what you said in the car, number two you will pay for what you said, as you know what that does to me.

Y/n-" what why what's wrong demi." *gets cut off as demi carried on speaking* ohh you mean me saying your full name? *stood with your hands around Demi's body* baby you can do what you like to this body of mine later. You quickly kiss her lips and grab her ass"

Demi-" hmm baby just wait.. let's get food, but one more thing, I got to put my hands over your eyes you ready"

Inside the party....

Everyone that demi asked to come turned up, the music was booming, the families was all mixing up talking to each side. The room was full of families and few close friends of Demi's and y/n's few was celebs, which had y/n side of the family going crazy, definitely the little ones say little mean teenager with Justin bieber, they would not stop following him around, Justin was so nice with them, letting them take pictures with him, taking to them about school, music and showing them all a few dance moves, how can blame them he's a good looking lad to be honest! Demi and y/n was doing their rounds speaking to the guess. The night was going to plan, everyone was laughing having a joke, dancing the night away, Drake come on stage singing few songs as well as Justin, chris brown. Few other singers. But
before everyone knew it, it was 03:58 in the morning, the kids and babies was all asleep on the chairs. So demi being the caring person she is, made sure everyone got into the cars safely and the drivers took them to the hotels. Apart from y/n brother his girlfriend and her nephew went saying at y/n apartment.


Later that night/morning 😂

Demi-" wow baby be careful, I think someone had to much to drink. Let me open the front door we been stood here 5 minutes why you try finding the right key * starting laughing*

Y/n-" listen miss Lovato.. yes I'm drunk very drunk!! So here open this door, I need to wee like right now so hurry!!! *starts laughing her head off"

Demi-" mmmm baby don't!!!! I know you are I can see. Okay okay I'm hurrying. *opens the door* right babe go run to the loo, try not falling over, I'll be up in a second"

Y/N-" don't what *winks at demi* oh my lord I won't I'm not that bad, okay baby I'll be on the bed naked waiting bed"

Demi-" *shouts you really know how to turn me on baby!!! Be with you soon* just locking up!!!"

After good ten minutes downstairs sorting things out demi finally makes her way upstairs, you hear the bedroom open, but as the room is in darkness you can see demi, you know she's near you as you can hear her breathing and you can hear her fighting with her clothes to get them off, you hear them drop to the floor. Before demi pushing you on the other side on the bed, you turn onto your side facing demi, you put your arm around her back bringing her naked body closer to yours, you fight finding each other's lips, you crash your lips against Demi's keeping them there, you both can feel yourself getting hot under the covers, you run your hand down the front of Demi's body starting at he boobs, squeaking them a little, you run your finger all the way down her body, you stop as you reach her Pussy, you can feel demi pushing harder against you, you stop everything, you put demi on her back and you still stay on your side, keep kissing every now and then. You bring your hand down to where you can feel the heat, you push her legs apart dragging one finger around her pussy, you can feel the wetness. You start rubbing her clit slowly letting her juices flow more and more demi start moaning, you push two fingers inside her, listening to the moans slipping through her lips you push your fingers deeper into demi wet pussy feeling demi move under your body. Demi's walls start to tighten around your fingers you slowly and painly pull them out and lick the juices off your fingers
You kiss down Demi's body as you reach her pussy start flicking your tongue against Demi's clit. Demi starts grinding against your tongue, you push your tongue down into her hole, applying pressure each time you push your tongue inside, rubbing her clit as the same time. You can demi reaching her climax.. you push your younger deeper and faster, you feel the hot cum hit your mouth. Licking it up before bringing yourself back up the bed, lightly giving demi a kiss before wrapping your arms around demi..

Demi-" babe? I'm sure i was meant to be the boss tonight?"

Y/n-" yeah I know, but I love the taste of you *starting laughing*"

Demi-" baby please please play with my hair"

Y/n-" of course my princess"

Within 15 minutes later demi was fast asleep and you can feel yourself fall to sleep

Y/n-" I love you"

Well I promise and I have done!

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