Hot Pink

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I looked at the results. The room was torn apart, papers everywhere, not a body in sight. Questions kept coming around in my head. I began to walk into different rooms looking around a bit. The rooms didn't look out of order. I got to our room and looked under the bed. Her hot pink diary laid flat on the cold wooden floor. I could see the wrinkled edges of it. I grasp it, pulling it from under the bed. I wiped the dust that formed on it and took a good look at it. I read the lines, "Don't Read My Diary." I set the book on the table, remembering Onika had a key around her neck that opened this Diary. The search was quick as it was on the dresser. It was dry and had blood stains. I scrunched my face and picked it up, taking in its metal scent and covering my nose as I let out a frustrated sigh.

Soon as I got the Diary back into my hands, I opened it with the key. In an instant, I dropped the bloody key and flipped to the first page.

September 4, 1989.

I didn't think I would be writing in a diary, but I just needed to write this down. Today, I met a girl and she actually was interested in the things I said. I told her about my favorite toy and the things I liked to do. Her birthday is today also. It was awesome!


I smiled as I looked at the first entry dating back to when we were kids. After reading the first few consistent diary entries, it came to a big skip.

December 11, 1995.

I haven't written in a long time. Maybe it's because things changed. I stopped hanging around her. Maybe it's because I have a huge crush on her. I often wonder if she thinks about me too. She's more than what I can just say. I love her more than a best friend and even if she doesn't know it, we both drifted away. This friendship is all I have to stay happy today. I tried to run away the other day and it's because she left me all alone while my parents were abandoning me.

December 25, 1995.

I didn't get anything for Christmas as usual. I just hung out by myself on my swing and talking to you... Diary. The things I love, don't really come easily to me. I barely spend time outside and if I do have freedom it's because my parents are not home. My grandma lives with us now, it's better than it was before. I can watch tv and do the things I like... like drawing. I haven't made any other friends. I can see all the other children playing in their backyards but mine is just empty. I have no siblings I could attend to.

Maybe one day I'll have more freedom and someone to play with.

I closed the diary. I felt something wet drop on my hand and didn't even know that I was crying. I didn't know she felt that way about me to this day. She was secretive and I'm starting to find out why. Her parents started to abandon her. When she talked about her grandma her eyes always started to light up. The first time I asked about her parents she avoided my questions.

I placed the diary back on the table and sat on the bed with my hands over my face. I want to find her... but where do I start? The only thing I have is this diary.

Maybe that is my key to finding her.


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