18| Expecting.

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Weeks had passed and the couple had done nothing but blossom, being known by most of the school now as a cute couple. Everyone thought they were adorable, apart from Kelly and her snobby slaves.

Annie tried ignoring the glares and sniggers coming from the all blondes with fake lips and heels higher than actually allowed. That's what annoyed Annie the most, that they could practically get away with anything if they batted their eyelashes and lowered their tops enough.

Luke never noticed, or if he did he never showed it. He didn't care if they spoke about him, or if they mocked him and laughed at him, but he didn't want them to harm Annie.

They were currently walking towards the canteen, Luke's arm wrapped around Annie's as they talked about their day. Surprisingly, people were actually moving out the way for them, like it was natural to them. People had never moved before, Annie would always have to politely ask if they could and most the time she would get a role of the eyes and a scoff, but now it's like everybody had taken a potion of kindness.

Annie didn't mind helping Luke at all, she didn't care if people looked at them or questioned her. What she didn't like though, was Kelly's constant remarks and genuine snobby-ness, it was so infuriating to Annie she had half the mind to slap the make up off of her.

She never would obviously, even when Kelly shot her heel clad foot out to trip up Luke's guide and girlfriend. Annie stumbled a little bit, not too much to cause a massive scene, but Kelly saw the movement of Annie's lips and instantly flipped the girl around.

"What was that?" Kelly had really white teeth, inhumanly white- more than cloud white, they were white white. It kind of hurt Annie's eyes but she'd never let Kelly know that.

"I didn't say anything." Annie mumbled, lying as she just wanted to take Luke to lunch. Kelly never actually directly spoke to Annie or Luke anymore, she just laughed at them and bitched about them to her wannabe-Kelly's.

"Luke you have really downgraded. I mean- this is really, really a downgrade, like it's depressing to see how low you have gone." Kelly sighed, shrugging her shoulders as she practically slapped Luke's shoulder.

"I don't care what you think Kelly, just leave us alone." Luke mumbled, linking his hand with Annie's and standing broader, more protective of his girl.

"Oh sweetie you should care, I'm just trying to help you out Boo, she's at the most a 2 and you know I am a 10 at worst." All of Kelly's pack sniggered along, agreeing to their alpha and clapping like this was a show.

Annie's hand tightly squeezed Luke's, so much he wanted to let it go but he knew he couldn't. He couldn't understand why he ever went out with this horrible alien of a girl.

"Fuck off, I can't believe I ever went out with you. You're boring and rude and a horrible person, just leave me and my girlfriend the fuck alone." Luke hissed, turning around and bumping into one of Kelly's clones before leading Annie a few steps away.

He was mumbling incoherently all the way to the canteen, Annie could just about make out the aggressive 'fucks' and every variation of the word that he would let out.

"Luke?" Annie asked, wrapping her arm around Luke's and holding him closer. He had decided to wear his sunglasses again, he always wore them to school so people would know him, if the cane didn't give it away.

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