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"It's okay. Aaradhika. " Rakhi managed to say while swiping off her tears. She knew it but listening the truth is a difficult thing. She parked the car near to a park. And they both sat on an isolated bench.


"Why didn't you tell uncle and aunty about it ? You will not have to bear all this." She asked.

" what will i tell them? I can't say all this rubbish to them.i don't have courage. They will not be able to bear all this." Aaradhika replied sobbing.

"But why does he do that? And what exactly he does? " she stopped and then whispered" Does he beat you?" 

Aaradhika  looked at her and moved the bangles up. There were marks which were covered by her gold bangles. She removed some of her hair from her shoulder to reveal other bruises.

"Always. It always ends with beatings. I am habitual now." She replied. Rakhi covered all her bruises again.

"Why? There must be a big reason for all that. " rakhi asked concerned.

" i don't know what pleases him or what not. But i know this much he loves to beat me and see me crying. He has mood swings. Once he say i am his only family. And all this is because of work pressure and in other second he just hits me." She replied.

" but one thing is sure that you can't live your whole life like this. It has to be stopped. For this you need to file a divorce . " the word DIVORCE made Aaradhika jump . She can't even think of going away from him for 2 minutes without his permission. And divorce. He will surely kill her..

"No. Rakhi. What are you saying ?i can't. " she like a small child protested.

"But you can give it a try. You are loosing your self respect. Your parents values. Try once. Then we will see what we can do or not. I know it's frightening but i am with you." She held her hand tightly.

"Okay... i willl...if.." then Rakhi's phone rang. It was Arjun's .

"Moron." Rakhi whispered under her breath.

"Is it he?pls pick up the phone. He will get mad if you will not answer it. It is already hour hours without him and he can't allow me more. I know." Aaradhika said.

"So what? I told him we will be out for 1 or 2 hour .. i will not pick up" rakhi replied.

"Pls. He will come here . If you don't . I know him. You are making things worse for me.. pleassse" this time tears rolled down her cheeks. The phone was continuously ringing.

"Hello. What happened?" Rakhi asked annoyed.

"Actually i was hungry so..." rakhi interrupted him " so have dinner. Does aaradhika feed you with her hands?" She said.

"Listen!"he like shouted at her. Rakhi felt a little uncomfortable by his tone."i am saying that i was feeling hungry so decided to take Aaradhika from cafeteria. This will also save your time. So i am on the mid way. You send me the location of yours." He said again with his normal calm voice.

"We will come back soon. Don't worry." Rakhi tried to convince him. She wanted to know more about Aaradhika. And wanted to prepare her.

" okay. Fine. I will find my way. Enjoy! " and Rakhi cut the call . She was more focused on her plan of rescuing   her friend.

"What does he say?" Aaradhika asked desperately.

"Nothing. Leave him. " rakhi said. "You can file domestic violence charges against him. Court will definitely give you a divorce and he will go to jail." Rakhi said with enthusiasm.

"It's not easy. He is very powerful he has so many friends in law and police. "

"So it means we can't do anything." Rakhi asked." What about humanity?and their duties?they will surely listen to us." Rekha looked at nervous Aaradhika and thought of changing the topic. From the time they have met they are only talking about present. She wanted to make her remember of their beautiful college life .

" aardhika. Do you remember Professor pandey? He was so funny. He used to present the hardest theories into simplest ones." 

"Ya. He was generous also." Aardhika replied.

"And how Manish was scolded by him for not to be funny." They both laughed. The third person's laughing stopped them.

They looked around to see Arjun standing there laughing. But he was not laughing on their joke but on the fact that he found them. They both sat there freezed.

"SURPRISE! okay. So you will not invite me to your park-themed Cafe than will i not come? Haan Aaradhika?" Aaradhika looked down."come here." She looked at him. He was giving her his hand. She took the hand in hers. He held her closely to him.

"Actually we just come here after visiting cafe.."rakhi said trying to hide her surprise and a little fear . How does he reach here?

"Oh. It's okay. Let's go Aaru. I am hungry." He dragged her with him. She even couldn't said good bye to her friend. He threw her in the car and ignited the engine."Enough for today." He muttered. His knuckles white due to tight holding of steering wheel and face red.

This is how it always ended. She felt a little freedom. And he came back to show her she was his possession.


"We are home..." the car stopped before a beautiful villa. Not like that living hell. She is not with him. She has to make herself remember that. She is with Mrs.Tyagi. 

And A NEW LIFE is waiting ahead for her.

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