Happily (N)ever After - Another Life Sequel

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"How do I look? It's too tight isn't it? Did I forget anything? You brought the-"

"You look great. Better than usual, which is saying a lot. Don't panic. We have everything. Calm down." Nathan reassured me and held my hand. "Christina, don't worry. You look gorgeous. You're the smartest girl I've ever met. By the time I get in there, you'll be the one leading me."

I sighed and forced a smile. Two deep breathes. I looked out the window. The sky was a brilliant blue and there were only a couple of pure white clouds. There was a light breeze, making the air crisp and fresh. Yet, the weather was still warm enough to be in a tank and shorts. This was my favourite type of weather.

"So what do I do?" I asked quietly. For a moment I thought he hadn't heard me. I had just opened my mouth again to speak when-

"I'm going to lead you to where ever you need to go. Relax." He said and stared at me with a longing. I broke the connection and looked away.

"Except the washroom" I said and watched him laugh. I forced a smile.

We were driving in his Lamborghini. The windows all rolled down, the wind messing up my hair. I didn't care though. What use was it to brush it down now if it would be ruined in a minute? I was wearing a plaid skirt over black leggings and a crisp white blouse under a blazer with the school crest. The outfit wasn't my choice; it was Nathan's. I figured I had to make it up for to him for everything he was going to have to guide me through today.

"I wonder how Chris is doing." I said more to myself. At first, I hadn't realized I had said it out loud. Nathan just nodded.

"Good. I'm sure of it. Both our moms will make sure Beth and Chris are fine." He replied.

He parked the car and we both ran out. There were already students in the hallways, outside and in the gym which we were headed to. Our schedules and lockers were being distributed. Hand in hand, we walked. A couple of boys whistled and some girls stared. I couldn't tell if it was the fact that we were a couple or the fact that Nathan was pretty cute today. I sighed. 

"Christina Turner." I told the receptionist. She sifted through lists and stacks and highlighted my name. Beside me, I heard Nathan do the same. We immediately compared. I laughed. Nathan was a year older than me so of course our classes weren't the same. Our lockers were on opposite sides of the school. The only thing we shared was lunch time which was at 11 o'clock.

"Keep your phone on" Nathan whispered and I giggled. I knew what he was planning. "Vibrate."

"Well you can get going. I'll do the navigating. You have friends to get to." I said and kissed him on the cheek.

"What do you mean friends? You're my girlfriend." He said and picked me up.

"Put me down. Now." I said in such a serious tone he nearly dropped me. "I know I'm your girlfriend.  I'm talking about them." I pointed to the group of guys who were staring, pointing and whispering. One guy even whistled. I blushed and looked away.

"Okay. You got me. Good luck!" He said and jogged away. I watched him high five his buddies, and remembered Lina. I texted her How's it going? Who's your homeroom? and went in search of my locker. In five minutes, I managed to be standing in front of it. I quickly placed everything in alphabetical, numerical, and colour coded order. I was just closing it and scanning my schedule again when the locker next to mine slammed and a high pitched voice said "Well is it not Christina Turner."

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