part 12

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Corran managed to get the pods and the engines working in about a day with Pidge and Hunks help. The engines were fixed first (much to Keith's disapproval) however this was because they were sitting ducks without it, waiting for Zarkon to attack at any moment and end them all. So yes, the engines were fixed first.

Keith had stayed by Lance's side the whole day and no one had disturbed them, wanting to give the two alone time after finding out about their new and obvious relationship.

Hunk was against this idea, wanting to see his best friend right away. But work had to be done and the sooner they were finished the sooner Lance would be in less pain.

Lance was put into a pod later and Keith still stayed by his side, watching over him like a guardian angel while Pidge caught up with her brother. Pidge had been overly ecstatic when she saw Matt, bursting into tears before rushing over and giving him a tight hug. Not letting go for about ten minutes while she sobbed.

She would defiantly have to thank Lance when he got out.

"Keith, you need to go get some sleep." Shiro put a hand on his friends shoulder and looked down at the younger boy, noticing the bags under his eyes. "Its been almost a week Keith. I'll watch over him for you." He added after Keith's lack of movement.

"I want to stay with him." Keith whined, looking between Shiro and his lover. "He'll be out soon. If you're to tired to help him when he gets out then what's the point?"

Keith looked like he was in distress for a second as he turned back to Lance, desperation in his voice. "I promised I wouldn't leave him again." Shiro looked at him with comfort then left, leaving Keith alone with his thoughts only for Shiro to return a few minutes later with a bundle of soft blankets and pillows.

He set them down around Keith wordlessly and he looked up in gratitude, giving a silent thanks. "I'll stay with you." Shiro said, his dad mode activated. Keith knew better then to argue with him about this so he simply shuffled over to let Shiro sit down.

True to his word Shiro stayed the night, choosing to stay awake to look over Lance like promised. He looked over at the unconscious Keith and sighed, eyes drifting back up to Lance. "Wake up. Keith needs you." There was an uncomfortable silence and Shiro turned away, waiting patiently for Keith to wake up.

Morning came quickly, though there was really no way to properly tell. After all, there was no difference in space. The inky darkness that spread vastly around the stars was never ending, an oblivion of black.

Shiro didn't wake Keith up but instead waited until he woke up naturally, remaining silent until that time came.

His friends woke up before Keith, who remained passed out from exhortation most of the morning until he finally woke up around mid day, feeling much better then before.

"I would say good morning but it's the afternoon." Shiro chuckled at Keith's scruffy hair and Keith yawned, rubbing his sleepy eyes tiredly.

"Wha?" He looked up in a daze and stood up abruptly when he saw the pod next to him, sighing in relief when he saw Lance, safe and sound - mostly.

He stood up and stretched, another yawn slipping past his teeth. "Thank you." Keith looked at Shiro softly as he tilted his head slightly, a slightly confused expression on his face. "For what?" Keith gave a gentle and honest smile, gesturing to Lance. "For staying." It was simple but meaningful, a beautiful moment that both were happy to be having. "Of course. That's what friends are for." Keith was overcome with emotions, his bottled up feelings finally catching up to him as he pulled Shiro into a firm hug, no words needed to express how he felt and the turmoil he was experiencing.

They were about to pull apart when Hunk came in with Pidge, squealing and yelling out "group hug" before wrapping his arms around them and forcing Pidge to join. (Not that she minded.) They hugged for a few seconds before pulling apart reluctantly and smiling at each other.

This was Keith's family, this was where he belonged.

That realisation of this knowledge made Keith undeniably happy and loved, wiping a few tears of joy from his eyes as Pidge laughed, seeing the 'emo' palladin so full of emotion. Keith sent a small, playfully glare her way and pouted. "I got dust in my eyes!" Pidge chuckled again and rolled her eyes with a bright smile. "Suuure you did."

"Are you going to go get lunch with us now?" Shiro mentioned lunch because it was far to late for breakfast. Thethe sudden question caught Keith off guard and he let out a small chuckle before looking back at Lance in worry, not saying anything but instead biting on the inside of his cheeks, a bad habit he'd had for years.

Shiro nodded in understanding and grabbed two plates from the kitchen, sitting down next to Keith and handing him one before beginning to eat his own with a look that said, 'if you're staying here, I'm staying here too.' Keith smiled, feeling grateful for Shiro for the second time that day.

They ate in a comfortable silence until there was a loud 'woosh' from behind them and the healing pod flicked open. Unable to supper his own weight so suddenly Lance fell forwards, being caught by Keith before he could collide with the floor.

Keith was in shock, stunned into silence was Lance looked up with tired eyes, smiling slightly at Keith and mumbling out "am I dead?" Keith was going to ask what he meant when Lance continued on, a smirk tugging at his lips.

"Cause I think I see an angel."

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