|| Chapter Seven ||

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It had been a few weeks and Gundham was back at school. It was currently a Saturday and the two boys were sat on the top of a hill, laughing and joking, teasing and insulting each other like normal. What they didn't know, though, is that the way they were looking at each other was different. They were both looking at each other with looks of love and care in their eyes, yet, they either didn't understand that look, or were completely clueless.

Souda soon smirked slightly, pressing both of his hands to Gundham's chest, before pushing him down the hill and rolling after him. Once they got down to the bottom of the hill, Gundham pulled Souda onto his chest.

They stared at each other for a little while, their faces slowly beginning to inch closer. Their lips soon locked in a gentle kiss, and, it sounds cliche, but Gundham really did feel sparks. It was as if something inside of him had lit up, as if their kiss had created a spark in the dark. The kiss wasn't one filled with lust or want, it was filled with love, and care. Gundham moves one hand to the back of Souda's head, tangling his fingers in the smaller boy's hair, keeping the other on his hip.

They soon pulled away to breathe, dark blushes covering their faces. They didn't say anything to each other for a few minutes, just staring into each other's eyes, before Souda finally spoke up. "So.." he coughed, clearing his throat "I love you..?" Gundham chuckled in response, nodding his head. "I love you too."

They laid there for a while, next to each other, their fingers interlocked as they laid looking at the clouds. Sounds cliche, but they both seemed to enjoy it. A lot, actually.

By the time sundown came along, Souda had his head resting on Gundham's chest, his hands crossed over his own. He was dozing off, falling in and out of sleep, as Gundham was sleeping, peacefully. He looked over at him, smiling slightly as his long eyelashes laid delicately over his cheeks, like they were protecting his eyes from any harm. His chest was rising up and down slowly as he slept, his heartbeat beating in relaxing motions

... ... ...

That's how his heartbeat went. Slowly, calmly. Different. Gundham was normally really panicked, intimidating and uneasy. But when he was sleeping? Well, it was like he was a completely different person. He looked harmless, and like a giant teddy bear, his hair falling in loose curls along his forehead as the gel slowly melted from the rays of the sun. Half of his face was covered with shadows, yet, the other half was covered by the rays of the sun. It was like his personality. Dark, scary and intimidating on the outside, yet, on the inside he is one of the most sensitive and caring people you would ever meet. Souda loved it. Gundham was perfect, and, he can finally now admit he loved him. Gundham was his, and that's all he wanted. He wanted to protect Gundham, to make him happy. And so far, that seemed to be working.


Or so he thought.

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