Chapter 1

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Percy wakes up early in the morning to go on a jog, before his day starts. Sweatpants, running shoes and a long sleeve shirt later he's out into the cold.

As he's running Percy thinks back to the day he became a criminal of Olympus.


' Persues Achilles Jackson you have been deemed too dangerous to be alive and the Council and both camps has decided that your fate should be death.' Zeus declares.

Percy just stands there disbelieving, after all he's done they want to kill him because he's getting stronger.

He stands up straighter ' Who has stayed loyal to me?' Hestia, Hades, Apollo, Artemis, Nico, Thalia and Reyna raises their hand. ' And the minor gods?'

This time he's ex-father answers ' It does not matter. They aren't important enough to consider their input in this matter.' Percy hears Hestia's voice in his head. All of the minor gods stand with you Percy, they disagree with what is happening here and  will help you anyway they can.

Thanks Lady Hestia and tell them thank you. ' Any last words before you die?' Zeus stands up and readies his bolt.

Percy look everyone except those that stayed loyal in they eyes my gaze cold and hard promising death. Percy locks eyes with Hades. My boy I know you plan to escape, please come by the underworld I want to have a word with you.

Of course uncle, thank you for standing with me.

' Those that stood by me, I say thank you and want to let you know. Whenever, no matter when if you need me I'll be there. You are considered family and everyone knows what I think about family. Farewell.'
Percy gives that smile that he's famous for.

'And for those that betrayed me...... Fuck you!!! You can rot in hell for all I care. You will realise your mistake and I won't be here for you to correct it. And Poseidon good luck for the future?'

Percy gives a smile that sends shivers down everyone's back. Even the ones that is still his family. In his eyes you can see he's serious, they're cold and hard, showing no emotion.

At that moment everyone realised. This is what the monsters see before they taste Riptide. This is the gaze of a battle hardened soldier, a hero that's not afraid of death and neither afraid of giving it. A leader that's not going to lose sleep because he murdered you without a seconds thought.

At that moment everyone realised. They. Had. Just. Made. An. Enemy.

And they were afraid.

He flipped them off and disappeared into a fine mist spray. There was silence in the throne room until a loud breaking sound was heard. All head turned to the sound, Poseidon's throne.

As they looked Poseidon turned from a young handsome adult to a withered old man, dull seagreen eyes grey hair and beard wrinkled face and hunched back. A large crack was clearly visible on his throne and small cracks were starting to appear.

Zeus looked on in worry for his older brother and fear of it happening to him. ' Brother what is happening?' Poseidon looked at him weakly ' The sea fights me, it does not recognise me as it's true ruler.'

Athena looks up ' Oceanus returns?' 'No ' ' Pontus then?' ' No neither has returned. The sea itself does not accept me anymore. It hates me for my decision and now only obeyes me command because it must. It mourns for it's list hero the true heir, that they has chosen by itself.'

The whole throne room is in shock. Never has this happened. Zeus looks at everyone gathered ' There is to be search parties sent out to locate him. It is a kill on site operation' he turns to Artemis ' my daughter the hunters is to search for him emmediately.'

She looks at him in anger ' The only male worthy to be called a man! The only man that is accepted in my hunt! The only decent hero in history! Has just been exiled, and you want me to look for him!? Never! I for one will not stand for this! I renounce any familial ties to you Zeus, you are now nothing to me.' she disappears in a silver flash.

Apollo stands up and looks at everyone in disgust and follow his sisters lead. Hestia and Hades follow without a word.

' Council dismissed.' Zeus flashes away, no theatrics no drama just a simple flash.

Line Break

( At the underworld )

Percy is standing in Hades' throne room waiting for him to arrive. After he had mist travelled away he reappeared in front of the recording studio and traveled down.

A dark flash indicates Hades' arrival after a few seconds a brownred flash shows Hestia. Percy bows to them, but Hestia just run up to him and take him in a tight hug. ' I am sorry my child for what happened. No one deserves what happened to you and especially you. There wasn't much we could do but I hope this helps. Would you do me the honour of becoming my champion?' Percy looks at her in surprise ' No' her face falls ' the honour is all mine Milady' Hestia's face lights up and pull him into another hug.

A soft warm glow surrounds them and after a while it fades. Hestia pulls back and go sit in the guest throne by Hades. Percy looks at Hades questioning, he was biting his lip and a nervous expression on his face. Nobody has ever seen Hades nervous.

' My lord what do you require of me?' ' Percy I know Poseidon disowned you' Percy's face turned dark ' however, I ask you to become my son. I would like to adopt you.' he rattles of quickly.

Percy is shocked for the second time in mere minutes. ' I would like nothing more...Dad.'

Hades stands and walks to Percy. He reaches out and sit his hands on his shoulders a dark aura glows from them and the shadows flicker. After it dies down, Hades goes to back away but Percy pulls him into an embrace. Shocked for a few sekonds but responds. Percy pulls back.

Hestia gives him a sad smile ' What will you do now?' ' Milady, I'm going to go and get me a few of those supposedly delicious golden apples. I heard a rumour that if you turn it into a paste and disolves it in nectar and drink it. It doesn't give you full immortality, but partial like the hunters where I can still fall in battle.'

Hades mused over this' It could work yes.'

And that is what he did after he completed his self appointed quest, he secretly sent letters to all his friends to say goodbye and started his journey to Alaska.


So now he's here in the land beyond the gods. Percy finishes his jog and goes back to his cabin that he built in his first week here.

Before he opened the door he sensed that someone was inside. He walked in ready to give a sarcastic comment, when he saw this person start to fall. Percy runs forward and catches the individual now identified as a woman in his arms.

He lays her down on his bed. ' Lady Hecate?'

She reaches out and brush his cheek. She looks him dead in the eyes. ' Perseus it's time.......'

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