Chapter 12

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Kuro's instant reaction was to grab ahold of Hiru's hand quickly, before he could drift away from him any further.

Hiru,confused, turned to look up at him,with his Crimson Eye covered by his Bangs,revealing only his Auburn one.

All he could see right now,was somebody,grabbing his hand. And that somebody,had his eyes and hair covered by his hood.

Kuro's voice trembled when he saw Hiru's face, it looked identical to Mahiru's,"..M-Mahiru..?"

Hiru's eyes widened at the mention of that name.


  With Hyde.

  "I wonder what props they'll have?Then,I can play around with Old Child again!" Hyde grinned at the prank he'll do on Old Child.

  First,if they have it,he'll buy fake blood.

  Then,he'll buy a prop,that is a bloodied axe or something of a weapon that could 'kill'.

  He'll then position himself in his own room, spill the fake blood everywhere, place the prop at his head, and wait for Old Child to enter.

  Once he does, he'll act that he was dying. Old Child will scream at that.

  Last time,the last person he played this prank was Licht, and Licht's reaction was HILARIOUS.


  He was dead now.

The reason why he liked Licht so much, was because he was different than the rest of the Eves he ever had.

The rest of his past Eves would welcome him to their beds and sexual desires with open arms, ready to 'accept' him any time and usually, are the one trying to make him open up.

But Hyde didn't want that.

He wanted a challenge.

An opponent in a MMORPG game,like the knight fighting a dragon to save the princess, or the wizard getting through a labyrinth to achieve a spell or something.

That's when Licht popped up.

He was a challenge for him,and Hyde liked that.

He liked how Licht tried to distance himself from him, tried to call him 'Demon',and Hyde would be the one in his Past Eves' shoes,trying to get this angel-wannabe to open up and 'Accept' him.

Licht was a hard challenge for him,and Hyde really liked that.

Instead of him being the knight or prince that had everything and every girl's and every boy's heart at first in plays and musicals..

..He was now the prince that had everything and all the women and boys alike, except for a certain Angel-Prince's heart.

It was like this Angel-Prince,was an angel himself, and he was 'Other-Word-Ly'.

He looks down on mere humans,including the Greedy Prince himself,who had all the women's hearts dancing on his palms,ready to be taken away with just his words.

He scoffs at him and considers the prince, Hyde, inferior and a 'Demon' to him,as Hyde was greedy, and Greed was one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

However,since Hyde likes challenges, he takes on this challenge to get close to the Icy-Angel-Prince's heart.

He tries to flirt, be persuasive, be 'kind' and 'loving', but all of his tries doesn't work on Licht.

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