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Victoria's silence was commendable despite recent events

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Victoria's silence was commendable despite recent events.

She had stopped crying, she has even stopped withering in pain. She barely spoke a word even when the Maester asked her things, she was nearly void of emotions.

After her complete breakdown in the arms of Elaine the blonde has taken it upon herself to clean any traces of the incident. She had changed the brunette, stripped her of the bloodstained clothes and even scrubbed the crusted blood from her body as best as she could. Elaine was covered in it herself not long after but she did not seem to complain, all she did was press her lips together and lead the brunette to a rocking chair where she could sit and wait for the Maester to enter.

Once she'd done that all that was left to do was clean the cot full of blood and permanently rid the soaked sheets from the eyes of Lady Valiente.

She rolled them into a ball and pressed them out of view, her eyes moving to the silent brunette who was off staring at nothing. Her heart sunk imagining how far off she just have been and as much as she wished to give her silence she knew medical attention was best. And so Elaine walked towards the entrance to the closed tent and stuck her head out. "You can come in now."

The Maester nodded and came inside, followed by Ser Marcos and the Lord Commander who looked wary and slightly angered no one spoke to him.

The two soldiers stood off to the side as Maester Calderon made his way to the brunette. He immediately noticed how drained her skin looked, she appeared almost yellow and her hands were balled up to her side.

Maester Calderon looked to the blonde who stood behind her lady's chair and saw sadness in her face. Tragedy mirrored in the brunettes and he felt in his gut whatever happened was worse then they were letting on.

"Lady Victoria," the Maester kneeled down, his eyes immediately catching how pale and sickly her skin appeared and the redness of her eyes. He'd heard the news and even he had felt hard the death of Lord Valiente. He'd given birth to many Valiente children and even been there when Lady Victoria had first been brought to the Dornish lands and his heart pained for her. Her eyes did not move when he spoke her name, and so he tried again, "Lady Victoria, could you tell me what is the matter."

She was silent, the only indication she had even been listening was the tighten of her fist and the slow breath she sucked in. Her tears had run dry and the only trace was the scarlet lines that dotted the white of her eyes. She closed them immediately as he spoke as if to block out anymore tears and tightened her fists, shaking them slightly as her bottom lip was pulled into her mouth and she breathed slowly.

"I've lost it, I'm lost my baby," she finally managed to speak and her strong tone was surprising but the distance and nearly emotionless tone was what everyone took notice.

Commander Monterroso had the biggest reaction, "I'm sorry, Lady Valiente, you were pregnant?"

The brunette nodded her head and looked to the Maester and then the Commander, her hand instantly tucking into Elaine's who's eyes were set in a harsh stare at the dim witted man. She took the moment to clutch her friends hand with support and listened as she spoke, "yes, I'm sorry. No one except the two here knew, I was keeping it from Lord Stark."

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