c. nine

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Sweet Pea didn't want me to go. He said for me to either go home - which was instantly shut down, go to his or Toni's trailer or hang out at the Worm. But my stubborn and determined ass wouldn't let that happen.

"Pea, he threatened all of us. Plus, I wanna see first hand that idiot being crushed in a fight." I listed my reasons. After walking back to Pea's trailer where I continued to state why I should go and Pea disagreeing with me, he finally gave in. "Only because if I don't, you'll be annoying." He told me.

Once we reached his trailer, Pea sat on his bike where I sat behind him, holding onto his skinny torso for dear life. Zooming down to the Worm, sitting outside where all the other younger serpents sat with their bikes. When Pea allowed me to come with him, I texted Jayden and Fangs to have everyone meet at the Worm.

"Ready boys?" Sweet Pea asked the boys who all shouted back yes before starting their motorcycle engines. We then left, going down the highway and driving into the Northsider's territory. Once we got there, I pointed in the directions of where to go, having been to Archie's house many times with my sister.

Following where my little finger pointed, we soon reached the quiet street that Archie lived in. Driving down the street slowly, I pointed to his grey weatherboard house that had cars surrounding it. I recognised a few of the cars to be members of the football team.

"They're all here" I whispered in Pea's ear with a worried tone once he parked his bike further down the street. Turning around to look at me, Sweet Pea had a confused face. "The football team. That's their cars" I informed him, watching as a smirk played on his lips.

Taking Pea's offering hand, I followed him at the front of the pack as we walked up to Archie's house. Anger, rage and slight worry were the only feelings I could feel.

Once we reached the front door, Pea's arm went around my shoulder as we saw the red hair and brown eyes of Archie look at us through the glass on the door. Opening it I saw Sweet Pea eyeing the boy up and down and Archie look at us confused.

"How stupid are you Northsiders? You really think you can come to my house, stick a gun in my face, in front my girl and my boys." When he said 'my girl' I felt him pull me closer towards him as my mind tried to understand what he meant by it. I let it go as he continued to confront Archie. "And there wouldn't be any payback?"

As he said that, the door opened widen and a smug looking Reggie stood beside Archie."You have crap timing bro. Bulldogs eat Serpents for lunch." He looked at Pea then down at me with confusion and shook. "What are you doing with these guys, Amelia?" Reggie asked, looking down at me before anger grew on his face when he saw Pea's arm around me.

The two boys were pushed out the way as a confused Veronica walked to the front. When she saw me, her face dropped and I didn't know if she was angry or upset about what she was seeing. "Amelia, what the hell? Are you trying to get hurt or killed by being with them! Are you insane, mom and dad hav-". "Mom and dad what? Have told me numerous times to stay away. No way." I placed my hand on my hip as I eyed her up and down, confused about her shirt.

"Why? Why won't you listen to them? To us?" She asked with a pleading tone, hoping I'll change my mind and stand with her on the other side of the door. Reggie crossed his arms as he kept eyeing between me and Sweet Pea. "Because they're my best friends, my family. That's why." I snapped at her, watching as her eyes started to become glassy and watery. I don't know why she would start crying. It's my life that'll be ruined as her and mom say.

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