Chapter 26: Eighteenth Century settings

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“Jenna you look amazing. Don’t worry about giving back the dress, it’s yours to keep. It would be a shame for it to collect dust in my closet. Now go and have fun.” She had gone blurry eyed and kissed my cheek, “You are such a sweetheart. You tell Gordon that if he breaks your heart…I’ll break off something of his.” She spoke seriously, but added at the end, “Well love you! Got to go bye!” She said cheerily.

She certainly was a weird one…but I loved her for it. Her great, great, great grandmother would’ve been proud.

Chapter 26:

Gordon’s POV:

“Oh my gosh I’m so excited!” Lyle squealed from the back seat. I rolled my eyes at him and perched my ray bans on the tip of my nose so I could look at him better, “Calm down before you pee all over the backseat.” I warned. He glared at me. “I’m not that excited.” He grumbled. Isis smacked my arm lightly.

“Don’t be such a downer. Let’s just have fun.” She said with a smile. I grinned back at her and continued to drive to the rock climbing place down in Portland. The other girls we met the other day were sitting next to the guys in back.

“This is going to be so much better than some dance.” Lulu said with a grin. Sherri and Maxine nodded in agreement. They were all pretty cool and chill with us. Not like most girls at our school. I was actually pretty excited myself, and I was going to rent out the place for just us but Isis told me not to. She said it wouldn’t be fair to anyone else who wanted to come today.

Half an hour later we arrived at the place called, ‘Tornado Twist’. I found a parking spot, but it was a little ways away from the door. Isis shook her head when I grumbled. “You’re so lazy.” She joked. I wrapped an arm around her as we all walked to the entrance. It was pretty busy, in fact it was packed. I knew I should’ve just rented out the place!

If you did that than all these people wouldn’t have had this much fun right now. Isis reminded me. Rolling my eyes in exaggeration, I bumped my hip with hers. She laughed and shook her head at me. I did however pay the door guy an extra hundred to let us in. Isis simply gave me a dubious look, to which I only shrugged at her.

“Woo! Let’s go have fun!” Benny cheered, causing some onlookers to watch us. Some girls elbowed each other when the guys and I walked in, but quickly looked away when they noticed the girls with us. Well, at least they had the courtesy.

“I want to go drive the go-carts!” Maxine pulled on Corbin’s hand. He chuckled at her before winking at us and walked off. So much for sticking together. We all wanted to do different things so we agreed to meet up in an hour.

Isis and I went over to the rock climbing wall and got harnessed in. I smirked as I gazed at her backside, which looked…really good. “Stop perving on me.” She looked back at me with a smile as she started to climb. I chuckled at her and started to climb as well. We made a race out of it and soon we were neck and neck.

“Give it up Sugar!” I grunted out. I was only a few feet away from the forty foot high, climbing wall. She let out a strained laugh, “Never!” I laughed at her enthusiasm, but my mouth dropped open in shock as I heard her ring the bell. Looking up and over I spotted her just ahead of me smiling smugly down at me.

“How the?” I was so confused! She laughed at my face, “I’m a lot stronger than I look.” She winked. I rolled my eyes but reached the bell and gave it a ring since I was so close. We both walked down the wall like the instructor told us. Once we were down I wanted to get something to drink so we headed to the small juice bar in the far corner.

“Hi welcome to Orange Julius! What can I get for you today?” The overly peppy worker asked. She seemed nice though…a little off her rocker, but nice. I looked over the choices above and asked for the Berry smoothie. Isis got the Mango Tango one. Once we were done Isis pointed at the picture booth.

It’s where you can put on props and take these cool pictures with choices of backgrounds, thanks to green screens. I took her hand and we both waited in line for ours to get done. “So what kind of setting do you want?” I asked her and then kissed her, when I saw some guys eyeing her. They looked away once they knew she was taken. Good. She’s mine.

“What was that for?” She asked a little breathless. She looked to where I was glaring and laughed. She pecked my cheek, “Relax, I’m all yours.” She reassured me. She looked at all the settings you could choose from in this booklet they handed out and pointed to one on the fourth page.

“Can we do an eighteenth century one? I think it will be fun to dress up like that again.” I saw the picture and mentally groaned at the getup. It was for her. I thought to myself and nodded, plastering a smile on my face. She gave me a big smile and placed a small kiss on my lips. We had to wait a while but it was finally our turn. A very flamboyant man came bounding over to us with a camera.

“Oh aren’t you two just adorable! Oh! I’m so excited to get started! What setting have you two agreed on?” he asked with his hands clasped together. I pointed to the eighteenth century one, making him squeal, and me jump. “Oh! This is just too perfect! I love it darling! Go! Go on to the changing rooms!” He shooed us to the two booths that were in back. I looked at Isis.

“You’re lucky I love you.” I muttered to her. She laughed and winked my way, “Well it’s a good thing I love you too. Now get in there and put on that uniform!” She giggled. I rolled my eyes and went inside.

Isis’ POV:

Chuckling, I pulled the curtain back behind me and waited for the worker to toss over the clothes. “Oh darling! I have your dress for you! You’re a size six yes?” He asked. I checked my tag and sure, enough it said six. “Yes!” He threw them over, and the weight of the clothes nearly knocked me over. Good grief, I had forgotten how much heavier the clothes were back then.

The dress was a deep maroon color with white lace across the swoop neckline. It was a regal dress from that era, and it made me feel like I could almost hear the bustling feet on coble stone ways around Paris. Smiling I placed my large white sun hat on my head and ripped open the curtain. I bit back a scream when Amin was standing there.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I growled out. He smirked at me and quickly struck me over the head. I fell forward as black dots danced in my vision. My head pounded as he dragged me out and his hand tucked under my bust. I couldn’t think straight. What the hell did he hit me with?

“L-Let go of me.” I slurred out. I heard him chuckle as he dragged the both of us through an exit to the right. I was about to poof away when I felt a pinprick on my arm. Looking over slowly I saw him drop a needle vile to the ground. “No disappearing for you sweetie.” I groaned in pain and tried to contact Gordon.

Gordon?! Help! It’s Amin- I was cut off by a blinding screech in my skull that made me cry in pain. I heard Amin laugh, “Ah, the serum must be working. C’mon, let’s go.” I felt extremely tired and disoriented by this point. My feet were bare since I was changing and they dragged excruciatingly across the loose gravel of the parking lot.

“Where is she?” I heard him mutter to himself impatiently. He propped me onto a nearby car and huffed annoyed. How did no one see him carrying me out? He chuckled darkly at me as he pressed his entire body up against me. “It was simple love. No one is going to pay attention when there’s a cute little puppy prancing around in the front of the shop.” I must have asked that out loud then.

“I-It b-better not be Lily.” I tried to sound strong but it was so hard. Where was Gordon? He must’ve noticed I was gone by now. Amin moved his lips over my neck as I was helpless to fight against him. “No, just another stupid dog. Mmm, I can’t wait to get you somewhere more private.” He sucked harshly on my neck making me wince.

“You can do more of that later. I have her precious lamp.” He backed away to reveal Lydia holding my lamp. Oh no! Oh God, no! I swiveled my head slowly to the door and saw Gordon looking around wildly. He soon spotted us in alarm and started to run this way. We were so far off though! “Hurry, before her boy toy comes to the rescue.” Lydia said snidely. She tossed him my lamp and he quickly rubbed it.

My connection with Gordon instantly severed making me feel cold and empty. “No!” Gordon roared out as I was being sucked back into my lamp. When I got inside I instantly dropped to my back since I couldn’t support myself. I could hear what was going on outside though. “Hurry, Lydia get us out if here!” Amin said urgently. I felt the serum begin to wane since I doubt he gave me too much.


Moments later when I could move around again I looked down ad saw I was in my genie attire. Tears welled up in my eyes as my heart ached with the loss of Gordon. I saw the encryption on my lamp light up and knew I was going to get sucked out. When I was in solid form outside I glared with hatred at Amin who stood smugly before me.

“Why?” I cried out angry when I spotted Lydia in the corner. She strutted up to me and slapped me across the face. “You need to learn respect for me little one. You got me into trouble with my brother! Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is?! Now as much as I dislike Amin here…I hate you more. Have fun Amin…she seems like she’d be a cat in bed.” She poofed out leaving the two of us alone.

“Let me go you scum-” He shut me up by hitting me. “Only speak unless I give you rein!” He spoke in the commanding tone, making my headache double. My mouth shut with an audible snap. He sauntered over to me and picked up a piece of my hair.

“I’m going to have so much fun with you little one.” I glared at his old nickname for me. He chuckled with a dark tone and got too close to my face, “Yes…very fun indeed.” He then smashed his lips to mine.


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