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Chapter Sixty Six

Once Andy had gotten to sians, they had some lunch with sians mum, before heading upstairs.

"Is it in here?" Andy asked opening the closest.

"Yeah" Sian said sitting on her bed.

"It's so freaky, like who would do that?" Sian muttered, still scared over it all.

"Just calm down babe, we'll find out who it is" Andy said reassuring her everything would be alright.

Andy pulled out the small box, pulling out a bunch of photos, some of just Sian, some of Andy and Sian, and a note.

"What the fuck man, what a creep" Andy said disgusted.

Andy opened the envelope, sliding out the paper.

"What does it say?" Sian questioned.

"Regret picking Andy? You have no idea what's coming your way"

Both teens sat in shock.

"Regret picking Andy? What?" Sian said confused.

"Have you got any crazy exes?" Andy asked getting up from the floor and sitting beside her.

"No, not that i can think off" Sian said thinking of anyone possible that this could be.

"Who the fuck is this?" Andy said angrily.

Andys phone pinged indicating he had a new message.

have you heard from jack?

no why?

his mum just called, he isn't at home and she was wondering if he was at the flat

that's odd, but i'll message and call him, and let u know

"What's wrong?" Sian questioned.

"No one knows where Jack is"

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