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arizona.rielly; leaving chicago thanks for the fun time here john!

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kasperikapenen1; u need to come to our playoff game!

c.smith; next time take me to chicago with you

daniel.woods; can't wait to see youuuuuu

arizona.rielly; yessss it's been too long without you my best friend daniel.woods

dtbrown28; u should be at our game

marner_93; how rude! u missed our first playoff game wtf!

arizona.rielly; technically i didn't because i watched it on the tv so i didn't miss it🤷‍♀️ marner_93

hay.parker; ^classic arizona

quinn_evans; i've missed you girlie!

morganrielly; check your text messages you hoe🙄

arizona.rielly; bitch🔪 morganrielly

hayds51; you are welcome anytime

williamnylander; finally your coming back! now i can be annoying to you! woohoo 🎉


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