worried mate and nightmares returning

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Sasuke's POV

It's been 3 days since Naruto's been acting strange I would ask him what's wrong but he'd only reply with the same thing 'Im Fine' and it was really get on my nerves he's been distancing himself from us and it's worring me and kyuubi a lot.

I miss his soft hair, his cute giggles, his bright smile that makes the day seem enjoyable, those big beautiful blue eye's that puts the sky to shame, his adoable ears, it's so hopeless im completely head over heals for him.

"Sasuke" my thought's were enterupted by someone calling my name as I looked up to see my twin "what is it" I asked "uh it's Naruto and Menma" he says as I got up and went to see what was going on.

Walking into the living room Naruto and Menma were.....growling at each other? or Menma was and naruto was backed in the corner but still growling.

"what is going on here" I asked "I dont know ask you stupid boyfriend" Menma growled as Naruto turn into a fox and ran to the back room "Menma" Sasukie says "what" menma says his tails swaying with annoyance making my brother shut up, I just rolled my eyes and went to were naruto was which was my room how do I know this my door was closed out of all the doors "what happened I heard yelling" kyuubi asks running down the hall "Naruto and menma got into a fight" I answered while knocking on my door "naru" I said softly.

"Go away" I heard my mate yell "no I'm.....we are really worried about you me, kyuubi, Itachi, Sasukie, maybe menma, the twins even miss you" I said threw the door then their was silence then I heard the soft click of the door being unlocked and I cracked opened a bit as I see Naruto peak from behind my door looking up at me.

I really wanted to hug him right now his normally bright blue eyes were now dull and gloomy "Naruto" I said softly putting my hand on the door putting a little pressure on it at first Naruto wouldn't let the door open, but after a while he stepped away from the door so I could go in.

I soon closed the door behind me and hugged my mate close to me though he seemed to tense up at first but after a while he hugged back let out soft sobs as we slowly slid down to the floor.

'Who hurt you Naruto' I thought as I reached up and petted his ears to help calm down.

"It's ok Naruto" I whispered while holding him to me but he soon went limp which scared me at first but I soon heard the soft sound of his snores so I calmed down and picked him up in my arms, walking over to my bed to place him down but only till now did I realize he was wearing one of my shirts which made me blush a bit. 

I kissed him on his forehead then went to leave but was stopped when I felt a hand on my wrist and I looked down to see Naruto looking up at me "please....don't leave me" he mumbles with tears in his eyes.

Sighing I climbed into bed with him and cradled him in my arms I nuzzled his hair missing his strawberry like sent it caused my tail to lightly hit the bed "I missed holding you like this Naru" I mumbled softly only earning a hum from the kitsune in my arms as well as, a soft adorable purr that I loved hearing so much.

My ears soon perks up as I heard my room door open and I looked to see Itachi who peaking in the room "shh" I shushed him to keep him quiet so he wouldn't wake Naruto.

Itachi only nodded then left quietly closing the door behind him while I buried my nose in Naruto's hair again letting out a soft growl. 


I was woke up but Naruto's violent shaking as he was whimpering loudly while mumbling the words no then I know what was going on he was have another nightmare it's been a while since he's had on of those. 

He started to try and get away from me by pushing away I now it's a bad Idea to wake him up in this condition so I let him go before he tried to scratch my face off and I climb out of bed while he kept thrashing around and whimper.

I sighed softly and pick up my phone to text Itachi to see if he could bring a strawberry cake and some tea.

I looked up at Naruto who had suddenly sprunged up screaming scared the living insults out of me he was breathing heavily with his eyes wide he was looking around for a bit until he made eye contact with me and jumps hiding in his tails.

"hey it's ok your safe" I said softly putting my phone down and raising my hands in the air while I looked at the shaking fox "i-i am" he asks shy "yes" I said keeping my voice soft "i-I'm h-home" he asks again peeking from one of his tails "yes" I said while nodding, "w-where's s-s-Sasuke" he asks "I'm right here" I said smiling softly as he looked like he was examining me for a few seconds but soon in the blink of an eye as I was jumped on and we almost fell to the floor luck enough I was able to catch him and keep my balance all at the same time without any of us getting hurt.

Naruto was still shaking violently so I rubbed his back and whispered sweet nothings in his ear while letting out a soft growl.

After 2 or maybe 3 minutes he calmed down and nuzzled my neck I soon saw my brother Itachi at the door with tea and cake we had a little staring contest as if talking to each other with our eyes he walked over and puts the cake and tea on my desk then left, us alone.

"would you like something to eat Naru" I asked softly on earning a light nod in response.


Ok sorry if this was sad my happy level isn't really the best not my energy neither a lot is going on with my life at the moment.

Though if you guys would like to know I might put it in my bio or you can just pm me which ever you guys prefer any way thanks for reading this terrible chapter  anyway byebye

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