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It was Friday night and I was grading papers. Well, I graded a couple. The rest I don't even look at. Than there was a knock. I got up and opened the door.

"Hey greatest human ever"Cas yelled. I smiled. He walked in. "So who shall I give the F's to?"he sat down on the couch. "That whole stack"I pointed. "Dean you have a lot of dumbasses in your class"he said in a serious tone. I nodded.

"Yeah. I'm seriously surprised they made it this far"I laughed. He giggled.

"Hmm"he looked at Jacks paper. "Dean this kid is really smart. His parents must be so proud"he smiled. I shook my head. "He's lives with his grandparents. You remember Kelly Kline from high school?"I asked.

"Yeah. She was a sweet girl"he smiled. "That Jack Kline"I said. "Oh that poor kid."he put his paper in the stack.

"So how's Balthazar?"I asked. He shrugged. "Fine. He wanted to go out tonight but I said I was busy with you. Which reminds me"he smiled at me. "What?"I asked. He gave me puppy eyes.

"You want to sleep over?"I asked. "You can read me like a book. Are we done. Cause I feel like getting drunk"he said. I laughed. "I've been getting drunk a lot this week"I got up to put the papers away.

I came back and Cas had bottles of beer and other drinks. He smirked. "Let the drinking begin"he yelled. I shook my head.

Some time later

We were really drunk and just laughing and telling stories. "Gabe is so weird"he laughed. "Yep. I don't know how Sam is friends with him"I smiled. He giggled.

It was silent for a bit.

"You always want to get drunk. Why?"I asked. He lost his smirk very quickly.

"Being drunk makes you forget. And I like forgetting"he explained. I looked down. "Why don't you try to go date?"he asked.

"Cause I want to be with someone certain"I told him. He smiled. "Who?"he asked. "You don't know him"I shrugged. He laughed.

"Well if he doesn't like you. His lose. Your great dean. Anyone would be lucky to be with you"he smiled. I shrugged. It was silent again. Until he passed out. I let out a sigh and carried him to my room. I set him on my bed and his phone fell on the ground.

"Damnit"i whispered. I picked it up.

You know what fine. Have fun. Be safe and be home tomorrow. I love you.

I stared at the phone in shock. Than back at Cas. "What the hell?"I whispered. I screen shotted the texts. Sent them to me. Deleted the message to me and the picture. And redeleted them. Set his phone on the dresser and stared at the pictures on my phone. Than back at the guy who was asleep on my bed.

"What am I gonna do?"I whispered.

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